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f you don’t control children, they will grow up out of control… Right?

Post finished… ha ha! Before we go any further I need to make a few distinctions… Discipline refers to guiding, modelling, teaching, leading and encouraging. Punishment refers to penalising, humiliating, inflicting harm, or chastising. There is so much fear around not “punishing children” and children not having “consequences” for their behaviour – you may have […]
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Going to travel at the time of pregnancy

Next month I am going to Germany with my husband. I am 22 weeks pregnant. I think in this situation insurance is must. What would be best for me travel insurance or health insurance? I am not sure does German government provide health insurance for traveler? I am not sure what I have to do? […]
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Parentisms: Listen UP

It’s a simple skill — listening. Though we can develop nuanced abilities to savor certain qualities in various particular soundscapes, it doesn’t take much to, say, hone in on the words the person in front of you is speaking. Remembering to use that skill in the middle of the umpteenth interruption of the day, while […]
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