Fun Family Activities – Golf Ball Painting

This fun, colorful activity is something that everyone in the family can try.  Whether you are 3 or 93, it is simple and everyone will proudly create a unique masterpiece.

We call it golf ball painting.   Technically you can use any round object that is not too large and preferably smooth.

What you’ll need:

A box or a […]

If you don’t control children, they will grow up out of control… Right?

Post finished… ha ha!

Before we go any further I need to make a few distinctions…

Discipline refers to guiding, modelling, teaching, leading and encouraging.
Punishment refers to penalising, humiliating, inflicting harm, or chastising.

There is so much fear around not “punishing children” and children not having “consequences” for their behaviour – you may have heard or think yourself […]


Adena Graham

About 20 months ago, my husband and I stopped eating meat. This process towards a different way of eating was very piecemeal. I’d studied Animal Welfare Law at university when I was 20. Having written a dissertation on factory farming, and seen related videos, I wanted to drop meat consumption back then. However, at […]

Teaching Our Kids to Dress Themselves

Let’s face it. It’s hard to let go, and even just the vaguest thought of them learning to fend for themselves is enough to give us parents a serious case of empty nest syndrome, and we’d really rather enjoy their early years to the fullest.

But all the experts will tell you the same thing: sooner […]

Going to travel at the time of pregnancy

Next month I am going to Germany with my husband. I am 22 weeks pregnant. I think in this situation insurance is must. What would be best for me travel insurance or health insurance? I am not sure does German government provide health insurance for traveler? I am not sure what I have to do? […]

School Lunches – 5 Steps To A Waste-Free Lunch

When you have school children in the household, you’ll know how time consuming and costly it can be preparing lunches and snacks day in and day out. Not only are you in charge of injecting creativity into each meal but also making sure that what you pack stays in tact by lunchtime and is not […]

Child Development, Stress and Discipline From Conception to Five Years

Article by Susan Jones
OffShore Nannies

Every parent wants to see their kids grow and become the best person they can be. But rearing a child into a mature and intelligent individual is a real challenge. In fact, carrying a child for nine months is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of tantrums, nonstop crying, […]

Parentisms: Listen UP

It’s a simple skill — listening. Though we can develop nuanced abilities to savor certain qualities in various particular soundscapes, it doesn’t take much to, say, hone in on the words the person in front of you is speaking. Remembering to use that skill in the middle of the umpteenth interruption of the day, while […]

Tips to build a healthy bond with your child

One of the greatest and most influential relationships that you will ever have is with your child. A relationship is defined as an emotional connection between two people, whether by marriage, blood, or emotion. The best way to build a meaningful relationship with your child is to form an emotional connect and gain a better […]

Due Date Pregnancy Calculator

Just found out you are pregnant? Most women and / or couples are filled with a rush of emotions which may include joy, trepidation, exuberance, fear…. but in almost all cases the first things that come to mind are “When did i conceive, and when am i due”. Whilst the exact moment of […]

Ovulation Predictor – Find Out when you are ovulating

Most women are only able to conceive on a few days of the month around the time they are ovulating. If you are having trouble conceiving, or are just looking for the best day to try and conceive, checkout our ovulation calender.

Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Abuse – The Role of Intuition

A child’s ability to utilise her intuition is a crucial factor in protecting her from sexual abuse. Intuition helps a child to make independent decisions and to steer away from potential danger. Intuition can help a child become confident and wise, knowin

Is your Child Social?

A desperate father called me the other day saying that he fears his child will never develop social skills. “He only wants to be with us, his parents.

Healthy Families – Peace on Earth

What is involved in family health? Genetics, healthy lifestyle, open respectful communication, parents who are strong and confident in their roles and provide clear boundaries. All of these might be good goals for most of us, so where do things go wrong?

Equality and Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is the most underreported of all crimes. When it is reported, it is the least acted upon of all crimes. When it is acted upon it is the least punished of all crimes.

Crisis Parenting versus Conscious Parenting

Have you ever spoken to your child in a way that left you feeling disappointed in yourself? Perhaps you were going through a stressful time and you found yourself ‘snapping’, using language or physical power with your child in a way that you later regrett

Creating a Soulcentric Family Lifestyle in an Egocentric World

To be soulcentric is to seek out the ways soul attempts to guide our relationships and individual development. It is to envision the principal goal of maturation to be the conscious discovery and embodiment of our human soul our unique place in the more-t

All you need is love – A Grandmother’s Story

There is an undercurrent of sadness in the Aldersey house each Mother’s day. A dull insistence that something, or someone, is missing. Helen Aldersey will spend Mother’s day with her grandchildren. She hopes, this year, the children’s mother, Rose, will j

A Step Mother’s Tale

When asked what I would like to be when I grew up, I can’t say I actually aspired to being a divorcée, however glamorous it sounded, or, for that matter, a wicked stepmother. I don’t know about you, but it’s not exactly every girl’s childhood fantasy, and

Stay At Home Dad Struggles with Empathy

Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHD) do it tough. Their social support network, compared to their partner's, is thin and weak. Their working peers don'tunderstand what they do all day. They make statements like, I so wish I was like you. You can spend the day surfing

Leading from the Trenches – Approaches to Parenting

Another day is over and I watch my sons while they sleep. I've closed their bedroom windows, pulled the covers over their shoulders and now " before I leave their rooms " I say a quick prayer for them and wonder how I'm doing as a father. Do they get enou

Defragging – Time out for Dads

A coaching client of mine (a Dad) once lamented the complete lack of time in his life to think, to plan, to pray. As he put it, he lacked “time away from the noise”.

All Part of the Package

Did you ever have that experience where you’re looking at a car to buy and it has what the salesperson calls ‘extras’ - which you know are actually standard for the model? CD player, air-con, airbags, etc.

Prescribing Fear into Parents

Prescription drugs can save lives - that is indisputable - but as guardians we must also recognise that the over-use of drugs may in fact damage the health of our children. Drug companies earn billions of dollars each year by successfully breeding fear in

Fever – Friend or Foe?

Hippocrates once said “Give me a fever and I can cure the child”. Fevers are one of the most common symptoms prompting parents to take their child to a doctor or health care professional of their choice. A fever is necessary and useful in the healing of a

Eczema in Children

Eczema in young children and babies is getting more common each passing year. Up to 10 percent of children under five will develop eczema. Doctors generally do not know what causes eczema, however from a Naturopathic viewpoint there can be many different

Constitutions & Temperaments

Every individual child has his nature which will be similar throughout his life. A child may be formed, but he can be formed or can form himself only according to his nature, which is almost homoeostatic. This homoeostatic state can be called the constitu

Complementary Therapies for Children

Like most youngsters, Chase is always bringing illnesses home from kindy and childcare. He suffers asthma, eczema, allergies, headaches, and has had a large enlarged lymph node, plus several smaller ones, in his neck for the past few months. Our family do

The Hundred Languages of Children

Jake watches as his playmates continue to add to the tower. The blocks sway as Janine stomps toward the group, her arms extended wide. Giggling and falling over each other, the towers are knocked down, showering blocks over the children. "Did you see?" Ja

School’s In – A Day in the Life of a Teacher

The bell rings. School starts. Twenty five little bodies, deposit 25 school bags on pegs or shelves and enter the classroom, collectively lugging enough coloured pencils, glow pens and crayons you sniff to sink a ship (yes, the red one really does smell l

Friendships – and important Part of Childhood

Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. I was reminded of this the other day when two colleagues disclosed that they had been friends since kindergarten and had shared the ups and downs of school years, teenage years, marriage, children and careers. C

Demand Learning

Although the concept of demand feeding a new born baby might seem a little daunting to some first-time parents, most of us who chose this form of feeding usually learn quite quickly to respond to our baby’s cues. The recognition of a baby’s signal to brea

Avenues of Change – Steiner Education for Young Children

Is there a world of education that keeps a child’s mind, development and heart and soul at the forefront? When it comes to education alternatives, what is available? Are our children coping socially in their particular school environment? If not where do

The Good Child – Socialisation and Child Sexual Abuse

I think most parents gauge their parental skills on how “good” their children are and likewise, we are rigorously judged by others, according to how well our children behave. Parents of well-behaved children are universally praised and admired and much of

Alternatives to the Word No!

One day it happens. Your cute, adorable, cuddly baby has turned into a toddler. And she’s discovered the word, “NO”! Emphatic, heart-stopping, and powerful. The word “no” is a favourite among children because they hear it so often from parents when they m

Citrus dressing

This tangy salad dressing with a hint of orange is a fantastic way to liven up any salad. This light, healthy dressing works beautifully through bean and beetroot salads. 1/4 cup (63 ml/21/4 fl oz) orange juice, freshly squeezed 3 tablespoons apple cider

Beetroot chutney

This vibrant, red chutney has a wonderful sweet and slightly fruity flavour, making it a perfect accompaniment to salads, sandwiches and burgers. Beetroot is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants.   I

Tips for Parenting After Separation

Children tend to "act up", or "misbehave" when they are feeling insecure, and few things in a childs life cause as much insecurity as the separation of his or her parents. It is critically important for parents to recognize that any behavioural issues at

The Conscious Parent – A Real Person Like Myself

One morning, my daughter shook me from sleep with great excitement. "The fairy has left you an amazing present," she whispered. "See what the tooth fairy left you!"I reached under the pillow and found a one dollar note, torn down the middle in exactly hal

Help Your Child Settle at School

The new school year is freshly upon us and there is no better time to help children and students that are struggling with concentration skills to reach their full potential. Debbie Hopper, a paediatric Occupational Therapist with re

Brown rice nori rolls

Seaweed helps to boost energy levels due to its vitamin B and iron content as well as being a rich source of iodine, needed for healthy thyroid function and essential for children's brain function. This superfood is also beneficial for the treatment

Birth Choices Expo

For those living in Sydney, wanting to explore available choices in natural birth and parenting, this is the perfect event for you!   Birth Choices Expo Petersham Town Hall Sunday April 3 2011.  Free entry. Your natural birth begins l

New Truefood Guide gives parents choice

Whats in your kids lunchbox? New Truefood Guide gives parents choice    Truefood Guide launched their childrens edition this week and are absolutely over the moon to announce that Kelloggs has done a 180-degree turn. The food giant contacte

Hairy Nose, Itchy ****….

No, Im not talking about you! Im talking about Hairy Nosed-Wombat whose favourite scratching tree has been chopped down! This is a fantastic childrens book with a great message. You can join our marsupial hero on an itchity, scratchity adventure as he tri

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour is organised by WWF.   WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the Earths natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.   Earth Hour 2011 will take place on Saturday 26 March at 8.30P

Take the hard work out of your family holiday….

Travelling with kids can be a challenge at the best of times and, up until now, finding age appropriate activities, restaurants with healthy kids menus, and family-friendly accommodation in Australia has been a case of trial and error. Kids Welcome to Qu

Beetroot, pumpkin and goats cheese salad with citrus dressing

This delightful beetroot salad has a lovely citrus flavour, teamed with smooth goat's cheese and crunchy walnuts. This salad will supply your child with complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, protein, iron and calcium. The rich, red colour of beetroo

Difficult Decisions – Memorials for Babies

When a baby is miscarried, stillborn or dies shortly after birth, parents are in a state of shock that such an event has happened. The natural order of life has been broken, and the last thing you ever imagine is to be planning a memorial or funeral for y

Blissful Herbs – nurturing body & soul

Herbal bath sachets and teas Herbs are an excellent ally to natural health and a wonderful companion for all the seasons of a womans life. For every condition or challenge life presents, Nature provides a herbal remedy to help. Blissful Herbs bath sa

Calm for Kids Program

  A pilot program introducing relaxation classes into primary schools is set to launch in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, the first initiative of its kind in Australia.   Brisbane relaxation specialists Calm for Kids are introducing the pioneeri