Advertising on the Natural Parenting Website

Ways to Advertise on Natural Parenting.

  1. NEW! Add a Signature Link to your Forum Membership
  2. Add a Business Listing
  3. List Your Products for Sale
  4. List Your Event
  5. Publish an Article you wrote.

Business Listings

a. First check whether your business falls within the guidelines as shown here See Business listings and Product Advertising Policy – Natural Family Publishing. Please do complete this step, it prevents the chance of hurt feelings if you go to the trouble of adding a listing we later remove. If you are unsure if your business meets our guidelines, please email at

b If your business is within these allowed Guidelines then you may proceed to add your listing by logging in HERE and clicking on “Add new Business”

Initially, all listings are shown as FREE listings with only very basic information showing, however you may opt to take a paid listing types(Paid, Featured or Super Featured).

Business Listing Types are shown Below detailing what is displayed

Details Shown

Free Business Listings

Paid Business Listing
Featured Business
Super featured Listing
Business Name?        
Appear in Searches?        
Show Logo + Other Images?        
Show Website?        
Show Email contact Form?        
Appear Above Free Listings?        
Appear in Featured Listings on inner pages?        
Appear Above Paid Listings in all results?        
Appear in Featured Listings on home page        
Appear on Forum? (5000+ visitors per day)
Appear above Featured Listings?        

Add your business

(2) Listing your Products. You may list products and services for sale in our Free Classifieds Section

(3) Listing your Events. We welcome you advertising your family fun days, parenting expos, mothers / fathers clubs and days – any parenting event.

(4) Publish an Article. Our members are encouraged to write and submit articles that relate to Natural Parenting. It may be an “expert” article or a personal experience. Articles are promoted to our members in many different ways, and the article writers are credited and promoted, with articles linking to their relevant business listing. Only previously unpublished articles will be considered, articles should be a minimum of 550 words. Please see our Writer Terms and Conditions

(5) Add a signature link to your Forum Membership. Previously only links to business listings in the Natural Parenting Directory were permitted. This policy has bene recently changed to allow direct links to your website. PLEASE NOTE! There are some conditions for signature links – it is not a free for all

Terms are as follows.

Businesses listed must fall within our business listing guidelines – See Business listings and Product Advertising Policy – Natural Family Publishing your link will be removed.

  • You must have been a member for at least 30 days.
  • You must have made at least 20 posts.
  • Cost for signature with links back to your website are $10 a month, or $75 a year. 

To add a signature link simply log into the forum, click on “settings” then “Paid Subscriptions” and follow the prompts, then edit your signature as desired. 

ONE link only per signature please.


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