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  • Getting Acquainted
    We love meeting new people.
    2,165 discussions 32,031 commentsMost recent: what is going on here?! by MiasMumApril 8
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  • Suggestions? / Tech Support /
    What would YOU like to see?
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    Any questions on how the forum works? Just ask!
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  • Tips & Tricks
    This area is to help find info & instructions on how to practically use the Natural Parenting Forum & its features.
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  • Forum Guidelines & Forum Help
    By registering and/or contributing to the Natural Parenting Forums you automatically agree to the Forum Guidelines outlined here. This section has essential posting rules, frequently asked questions, general information and what to do if you have problems or complaints.
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  • Site News
    Important Site News! Please read any new posts here.
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  • Pregnancy Information and Questions
    Information and questions on pregnancy related issues.
    1,384 discussions 18,517 commentsMost recent: extreme morning sickness - how to help? by sophiebowausApril 9
  • Pregnancy Clubs and Updates
    Meet members that are due at the same time as you are. Post your pregnancy related updates in your club threads.
    288 discussions 18,420 comments
  • Focus on Fertility
    Pre-conception health, TTC info, menstrual cycles and all other things related to fertility
    348 discussions 9,814 commentsMost recent: Breastfeeding and TTC by lachysmumApril 2012
  • TTC Support
    This forum is for discussion & support for members trying to conceive. This section is accessible to registered members of our community. To protect the privacy or peoples journey please contact a moderator for the password to gain access.
    19 discussions 256 comments
  • Birth Information and Question
    For information and questions regarding childbirth.
    1,263 discussions 17,936 comments
  • Natural Birth
    23 discussions 115 commentsMost recent: Hypnobirthing by sophiebowausApril 9
  • VBAC/ Breech
    12 discussions 70 commentsMost recent: Breech Birth? by RhondaAugust 2013
  • Intervention (Induction/ C-Section)
    48 discussions 905 commentsMost recent: Upset - I need an C-section (placenta/v… by yarrowAugust 2013
  • Hypnobirthing
    3 discussions 55 commentsMost recent: Want to borrow Hypnobabies? by lauraisabelleallenApril 9
  • Birth Stories
    Share your story of creating new life.
    This area is accessible to registered users only.
    386 discussions 5,976 comments
  • Homebirth
    This is a forum specifically for home birth information, questions & support.
    266 discussions 3,631 comments
  • Birth Support (Midwives/ Doula
    For all Midwife & Doula & student info, details, support, networking & questions relating to birth support & attendants. IM recommendations are welcome. Students looking for follow throughs please post here.
    82 discussions 202 comments
  • Homebirth/ IM Legislation
    A place to update & discuss the Governments proposed changes to legislation affecting health care providers, particularly midwives, and what that means for consumers
    91 discussions 457 comments
  • Birth Announcements
    Please let the village know when your baby finally arrives earth side. This forum is visible to registered members only.
    24 discussions 206 comments
  • Early Daze
    This forum is for Newborn Support. Please feel free to start your own thread or many threads. This is a place for love & understanding as mums find their way on the journey of connected parenting.
    40 discussions 345 comments
  • Journey of Little Ones
    General discussions about raising babies & toddlers from 0 to 3 years of age.
    1,980 discussions 24,337 comments
  • Gentle Guidance
    A place to discuss gentle discipline alternatives.
    574 discussions 7,323 commentsMost recent: Don't agree with husband's way of 'puni… by npSeptember 2013
  • Elimination Needs
    A forum to discuss everything to do with Cloth Nappies, Elimination Communication and Toilet Awareness.
    1,009 discussions 11,085 commentsMost recent: Nappy bags - what do you use? by sophiebowausApril 9
  • Cloth Nappies
    8 discussions 46 comments
  • Baby Wearing
    A place to discuss slings, baby carriers and how they help you as a natural parent.
    952 discussions 10,486 commentsMost recent: Babywearing in Australia by MegAndMikeySeptember 2005
  • Sleep & Settling
    A place to discuss bedtime, sleep & settling, night time parenting, co-sleeping, bed & room sharing & alternatives to sleep training & CIO/ CC
    1,055 discussions 10,907 comments
  • Co-Sleeping & Bed Sharing
    28 discussions 243 comments
  • Feeding & Solids
    A forum to discuss breast feeding, formula feeding, introducing solids, weaning & infant nutrition.
    2,095 discussions 24,845 comments
  • Breastmilk Feeding
    This subforum is for all methods of feeding that involve breast milk whether that be breast, bottle, nasal tube or breast bag.
    231 discussions 2,349 commentsMost recent: Vogue photoshops breastfeeding woman in… by yarrowSeptember 2013
  • Breastmilk Substitutes
    This subforum is for all methods of milk feeding that involve feeding a baby breast milk substitutes.
    32 discussions 235 comments
  • Introducing Solids
    35 discussions 344 comments
  • Weaning
    31 discussions 193 comments
  • Kids Creative Corner
    **NEW SECTION***
    Craft activities & creative play ideas for our children.
    50 discussions 222 comments
  • Big Kids World
    General discussions about raising children from 4 - 12 years of age
    161 discussions 1,164 commentsMost recent: Teeth Grinding by sophiebowausApril 9
  • Educating Our Children
    Steiner, Public, Montessori, Private, Homeschool, Un-School, Free School... Independent it what you will, let's talk learning.
    761 discussions 7,614 commentsMost recent: Waldorf / Steiner Study Group in Rockin… by ladyaimeeFebruary 19
  • Home Schooling
    63 discussions 573 commentsMost recent: Homeschooling Families near Wagga Wagga? by DaisyMarch 27
  • Kids & Food
    A place to share ideas & issues on diet, lunches & general eating habits.
    31 discussions 217 comments
  • Talking Teens
    ***NEW SECTION***
    General discussion about raising & remain connected with our teens & young adults
    18 discussions 97 commentsMost recent: Celebrating Menarche (menstruation) by anghelikaApril 11
  • Learning & Beyond
    ***NEW SECTION***
    An area to talk about Higher Education, Tertiary Studies, Life Learning & Employment
    4 discussions 12 comments
  • Expectant Dads
    For Dads with a baby on the way. A place for men to talk about pregnancy, birth and what to expect when baby arrives.
    7 discussions 44 comments
  • General Dad's Discussion.
    A place to share the joys, challenges and everyday issues of being a Dad.
    54 discussions 371 comments
  • Health Issues
    Includes general health topics, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Childhood Illnessess, Vaccination & Circumcision information & discussions.
    2,979 discussions 29,641 commentsMost recent: Where to Buy a stainless Steam Humidifi… by April 2011
  • Childhood Illnesses & Health
    Information, Questions & Answers about childhood illness & health matters
    95 discussions 712 commentsMost recent: ADHD...dignosis/treatment/advice PLEASE! by sophiebowausApril 9
  • Women's Health
    29 discussions 166 commentsMost recent: Do you Pap Smear? by shiremumNovember 2011
  • Alternative & Natural Medicine
    Information, Questions & Answers about Alternative, Natural & Complementary Medicine.
    62 discussions 438 commentsMost recent: Homeopathy for toddler with hayfever by FarmBabyJanuary 2013
  • Circumcision
    Information, Questions & Answers about Circumcision & Genital Integrity.
    26 discussions 146 comments
  • Vaccination
    Research, Statistics, Information, Questions & Answers about vaccination.
    130 discussions 914 comments
  • Mental Health & Families
    This is a forum for discussion information & support for people & families dealing with mental health issues.
    29 discussions 211 comments
  • Get Help
    4 discussions 23 comments
  • Our Stories
    These are our stories about mental health & our families. Please accept our words & our experiences without judgement.
    2 discussions 31 comments
  • Depression/ Anxiety
    1 discussion 4 comments
  • PND
    1 discussion 3 comments
  • Special Needs & Disabilities
    This is a forum for families with children who have special needs & disabilities. Please share, discuss & support with an open heart & an open mind
    42 discussions 415 comments
  • Autism
    17 discussions 96 comments
    10 discussions 45 comments
  • Nutrition & Diet
    This area is for the discussion & exploration of nutrition & diet
    209 discussions 2,128 comments
  • Organic & Whole Foods
    48 discussions 528 comments
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth
    A forum to discuss propogating the soul and aspects of spirituality and religion. The topic of religion can sometimes become heated- so please try to maintain respect.
    486 discussions 7,124 comments
  • Religion & Parenting
    A forum for discussion & support of parents who consciously & actively include religious or spiritual beliefs in their parenting. Please respect the beliefs of others.
    3 discussions 14 commentsMost recent: Support for Christian Families by zedDecember 2013
  • Women's Wellbeing Circle
    Share & discuss issues relating to your physical & emotional health. This is a space for truth & healing. This is a space for support.
    Only members with over 20 posts and who have been active for a month will be able to access this forum. Please contact a moderator for the password to gain access.
    202 discussions 4,032 comments
  • Grief, Loss & Trauma
    **NEW SECTION***
    This area is for sharing & expelling painful experience to do with pregnancy & child loss & birth trauma. Please keep in mind we are not professional counselors but we do have big hearts & sturdy shoulders.
    Only members with over 20 posts and who have been active for a month will be able to access this forum. Please contact a moderator for the password to gain access
    6 discussions 28 comments
  • Raising Parents
    This is a place to discuss OUR JOURNEY as parents.
    55 discussions 297 comments
  • Non-Traditional Families
    This is a forum for people raising children in a non-traditional family situation or structure. This new area will grow naturally & encompass a broad range of smaller groups as the need arises to offer support & information. Please be respectful of differences in this forum.
    35 discussions 724 comments
  • Single Parents
    10 discussions 462 comments
  • Single Parent Private Support
    This subforum is for the more sensitive topics pertaining to single parenting.
    3 discussions 7 comments
  • Blended Families
    Information, discussions & support for parents in blended or 'step' families
    10 discussions 37 commentsMost recent: when are they old enough by NatashaSeptember 2013
  • Keeping House
    A place to discuss household issues such as budgetting and housework.
    699 discussions 9,007 commentsMost recent: Tips for getting a smooth bed spread? by tinkerbelleFebruary 2013
  • DIY Group
    Heres a forum for the DIY-ers, creatives & artists amongst us. If you can sand a floor, knit, sew, build a sand pit, draw or bead...If you can create for or with your children or around your home then this is the place to share & discuss.
    429 discussions 4,707 comments
  • The Green Room
    A forum for sharing & discussing sustainable living. Includes conservation, personal care products, organic gardening/ permaculture and causing minimal impact on our Earth.
    959 discussions 11,055 comments
  • Green Cleaning & Laundry
    A sub-forum to discuss all aspects of cleaning, kitchen, laundry, bathroom etc
    50 discussions 550 commentsMost recent: Vinegar help needed! by russ'n'joMarch 2006
  • In the Home
    For all things green relating to inside the home
    12 discussions 41 comments
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
    Talk about organic, natural & home made personal care products & cosmetics.
    65 discussions 1,042 comments
  • In the Yard & Garden
    A place to talk about about all things outdoors at home
    99 discussions 1,333 commentsMost recent: Stink bugs - lemon tree by sophiebowausApril 9
  • In the Kitchen
    Lets talk about our green kitchens
    6 discussions 34 comments
  • Recipe Book
    Have any recipes to share? Run out of ideas? This is the place to share & exchange those recipes.
    960 discussions 8,609 comments
  • Book Club
    Come join in the new Bookclub, we're tackling one parenting & one non-parenting book every 6weeks.
    12 discussions 351 comments
  • Chat Cafe
    General discussion and idle talk. If you don't know where else to post your message, put it in here.
    5,619 discussions 84,426 commentsMost recent: Snoring getting me down by OomooApril 2011
  • Book & Movie Discussion
    Love reading? Love watching movies? Here is the place to discuss them with others...just don't ruin the ending.
    282 discussions 3,088 comments
  • Cuppa Time
    Come on in, pop the kettle on & get to know each other through the 'cuppa' threads.
    This forum is accessible only to registered members.
    108 discussions 1,585 comments
  • House Of Fun!
    Fun polls, jokes and just plain having a laugh...
    766 discussions 15,119 comments
  • What's Happening?
    Share your exciting news and annoucements here!
    1,349 discussions 22,746 commentsMost recent: The future of NPF by MiasMumApril 8
  • Writer's Block
    ***NEW SECTION**
    Short stories, poetry, journals...if you create or express with words then this forum is for you.
    Also includes our members blog list.
    5 discussions 62 comments
  • Blog Central
    Feel free to share with other members your own blog link or blogs you are enjoying reading.
    2 discussions 46 comments
  • Our Photo Album
    A place for active members to share photos.
    661 discussions 11,064 comments
  • Relationships
    A place to discuss family relationships and dynamics.
    Only members with over 50 posts and who have been here a month will be able to access this forum. Please contact a moderator for the password to gain access
    370 discussions 6,535 comments
  • Rants and Raves
    A place to let off $#@!!!& steam
    965 discussions 16,124 comments
  • Trading Room
    Members with a post count of 20 or more can trade in this area
    854 discussions 5,601 comments
  • Inner Sanctum
    This is an inner circle for members with over 600 posts & 'active' membership. Please contact the super moderators for the password & read the Inner Sanctum Guidelines on your first visit.
    3 discussions 21 comments
  • In The Media
    General news articles & current affairs.
    1,448 discussions 13,638 comments
  • The Bull Pit
    A place to discuss controversial issues. Please offer your opinion on issues but refrain from personal attacks.
    339 discussions 9,797 comments
  • Connecting Australia
    A place for natural parenting groups, meet ups & events.
    1,515 discussions 24,548 comments
  • Australian Capital Territory
    154 discussions 500 comments
  • New South Wales
    151 discussions 1,517 commentsMost recent: Riverina Mums by NatashaSeptember 2013
  • Northern Territory
    4 discussions 26 comments
  • Queensland
    477 discussions 7,342 comments
  • South Australia
    88 discussions 955 comments
  • Tasmania
    23 discussions 280 commentsMost recent: Hobart Natural Parenting Group by alannaemmettJanuary 7
  • Victoria
    147 discussions 1,308 commentsMost recent: Any NP mums in Geelong area?? by mumandbubApril 7
  • Western Australia
    468 discussions 12,608 commentsMost recent: Playgroup in Kinross (Joondalup area NO… by CarlaDecember 2013
  • Support Groups, Assistance & Courses
    This forum is for issue specific support groups & parenting assistance groups/ courses. Your post will appear after it has been approved by the Forum Admin.
    Please put general mums 'n bubs meet ups & 'looking for' requests in the 'Connecting Australia' forum under the appropriate state.
    294 discussions 367 comments
  • New Zealand
    6 discussions 86 comments
  • North America
    7 discussions 93 comments
  • Other
    10 discussions 64 comments
  • Individual Progress
    A forum for members to keep individual progress threads to help keep motivated on the path to feeling well.
    50 discussions 2,100 comments