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Newby who is seeking some guidance
Hi there

I have been on this forum before, when I was in babyland but alot has happened since then!

I have long had homeschooling on my radar but hubby is totally against it - he bristles when I even mention it.

Our 5yo DD goes to prep - I have been very involved volunteering in the class etc etc and its a nice school with nice kids in general.

But I don't like the 5 day a week slog for young children - I see her get tired and repeating silly behaviours from her peers. I want to look into HS for many reasons but DH is so impenatrable on this topic I can barely bring it up

Anyone have a similar issue?

20-07-2013, 10:54 PM #2

Newby who is seeking some guidance
Hey there
what about meeting halfway with Waldorf / Montessori etc?
Bec x

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