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Show & Tell Ideas - "Electricity"
My 4yr old daughter does show & tell every Wednesday at school. Their topics are usually based on what the theme of the week is and this week is Electricity!!! PLEASE HELP Sad I'm stuck Confusedhrugon ideas of what to do Sad last week it was inventions and we printed off pictures of Alexander Graham Bell, sent a telephone with her to school & taught her basic points about him. I don't know where to begin! The more help, the better and it will be greatly appreciated! I only have this evening to go through it with her so it needs to be as simple yet as exciting as possible. Thank you everyone Smile Ileana

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Show & Tell Ideas - "Electricity"
OMG I would literally have heart palps every week if this was something I had to do. Ummmm...Lightning, Flashlight, Something that gives her static electricity and makes her hair stand on end! Does a balloon do that? I don't know sorry. Goodluck.

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