Re: delaying public school 1 year



    thanks very much for that reply to this old thread :)

    There are 2 teachers at Thing1′s pre-prep, one of whom said it was nearly impossible to do these days, the other is now struggling with her very young dd in prep so may be more sympathetic.

    I’m going to ring the local montessori daycare and talk to them about having Thing1 for a second year of pre-prep. He is adamant he doesn’t want to go to school and I’m damned if I’m going to push him because

    Also, as I understand it (and again, EduQld – clear as mud!) – as of 2012, prep becomes the base year for the rest of their schooling (whatever that means) so I’m guessing principals will find it harder to force kids to skip it. That may just be my optimistic reading, of course…

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