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lol…..we have DS’s tree back!!!

plan A: ring the police and ask them to deal with it.

plan B: knock on his door and ask him if he’s seen it.

plan C: pretend we are cleaning the gutters and steal it back…

we went with plan B. I did ring the cops for advice but got some chick in a call centre who wasn’t much help. she offered to send around a patrol car but we have to keep living here for another couple of weeks at least, and didn’t want to piss him off….

plan B allowed him to get out of it graciously by lying that he found it out the front of his place and so kept it….yeah, right!

Shahnan was my little assistant. :) I wanted to look harmless. ;) DP would’ve got all p***ed off and aggressive, i reckon… he’s been fuming about it ever since it went missing.

you know when someone’s face and mouth are saying one thing, and their eyes are saying another…?? he was very nice about it all to our face (but didn’t actually apologise), but I got the distinct feeling he was very pissed off about it…. so glad we did it that way rather than have the cops rock up….

quite a few other plants are MIA but we got the one back we were most upset about….

Can’t wait to move!!