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Well I took Josie to the CHN at Child Health rather than the uusual chemist business. I know from experience that they have heaps of up to date knowledge and heaps of support and services that are all tied in with them.
They weighed Josie and she has put on a minimal amount of weight and I wrote down what happened for us in a 24 hr period, ie. when I changed a nappy, whether it was wet or dirty, when she had a feed and how much, whether she vomited, whether she was fussy and so on. After looking at her weight gain and the info I supplied them, they believe that she is only comfort feeding and not having proper full feeds which is effecting the weight gain. They reakon she does this coz she is unable to suck properly (something which was figured out in hosp anyway and contributed to the lack of breastfeeding) and also has reflux like her sister. We have been advised to go back onto the reflux formula to try to keep down her food, and she has been referred to a speach therapist (sounds so funny for one who cant yet speak) to get some excercises to help with her suck and swallow movement (ie. she pushes things out with her tongue instead of in and it takes a while for her to get it right if at all and also she has a heap of spillage out the side of her mouth when she does suck on the bottles). Sometimes it is hard for me to know whether she really is hungary or not when I give her a bottle and she keeps pushing it out with her tongue, so often I give up thinking she is not hungary and then half an hour later she cries in hunger so I give her another bottle of which she might only drink 50mls of. Its like a circle which keeps repeating itself and causing the prob over and over again.
I know Im starting to sound like I am looking for issues with my kids and jumping onto whatever anyone says is wrong with my babies, but Im really not. What makes it worse is that not many other people have seen all this as quite often if I am with other people chatting or whatever, she doesnt have these probs and I look like a liar. I think its cause Im more relaxed maybe when I am with friends chatting or whatever?
Im starting to feel a bit confused as to whether I am a hypercondriact hoping for issues with my girls, or someone who is unlucky enough to genuinely have reflux/feeding issues with both of my girls.