Cod liver oil has been regarded as a remedy for years and the same holds true in the Autism community too. Weve seen how cod liver oil benefits children with Autism in a couple of ways. First it provides the essential fats like EPA and DHA which is critical for brain development. Then cod liver oil also provides a natural form of vitamin A which has been shown to support eye health as well.

It was found many years ago through the research of Dr. Megson, that many children with Autism do what is called visual stimming. Visual stimming is when a child will side glance or flick their fingers in front of their eyes or do other visual type behaviours. Many children who have these visual stims can benefit greatly from a cod liver oil supplement. Doses between one and two teaspoons a day of cod liver oil can be very beneficial and reduce those visual behaviours. It was determined that the vitamin A in the cod liver oil provided support to the visual receptors in the retina. It also supported the way visual information is transferred from the eye to the visual cortex in the brain.

Throughout the years, this theory has continued to be proven true as many children find support for visual issues through the use of cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is now considered a common supplement for children with Autism, especially if they do have these visual issues like side glancing and stimming. The cod liver oil can serve as an effective remedy for those issues. Many supplement programs geared towards children with Autism now commonly include cod liver oil. You will often see recommendations for a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, probiotics, maybe a zinc supplement and then cod liver oil.

Cod liver oil can be very helpful in providing the necessary fats and is easy to give to your child. Cod liver oil is particularly helpful for visual issues in Autism.? I suggest you take a look at adding this very important supplement into your childs program.