Calendula and some common skin conditions – how it helps

Nappy Rash

Calendula makes a safe and natural solution to nappy rash ; and it does many things for your baby’s skin beyond just preventing rashes. It ; improves skin tone, strength, hydration, regenerative power and also fights ; infections from surrounding bacteria. When breastfeeding mothers suffer from ; internal thrush the fungus may be passed on to baby during feeds. The resulting ; fungi in the baby’s stool often causes nappy rash so once again fungus-fighting ; calendula is the medicine of choice. If your nappy change cream or rash relief ; cream also contain zinc oxide this will further help by protecting the skin ; against dampness and wet spots, which encourage fungal infections.

Cradle Cap

Being both natural and gentle, calendula is the perfect ; plant to treat this sebum related condition. A little calendula oil softly massaged into the affected areas ; will loosen up the scabs and encourage their healthy and timely shedding. Picking or scratching at the scabs exposes the raw underlying skin to ; infection, and only compounds the problem, the beauty of calendula oil is that ; it prevents the need to do this.

Skin problems

Clinical trials attest to the effectiveness of calendula in ; healing skin and protecting against the irritant sodium lauryl sulphate – a common sud-producing substance found in ; many commercial baby products. If your baby is experiencing skin problems there ; is every reason to use a product range that contains calendula. It’s hydrating, ; nourishing and a great way to protect your baby’s skin from harsh weather. In ; conditions such as dermatitis and eczema use a calendula cream daily to give ; your baby’s skin some barrier protection and prevent infections. Also avoid ; bathing your baby more than twice a week as this will exacerbate irritated ; skin. Calendula oil in bath water makes for an aromatic and soothing experience ; for mother and baby alike.

Sore nipples

Cracked or sore nipples makes for a difficult and sometimes ; painful breastfeeding experience, so you want the most gentle and nourishing ; medicines and calendula is just that. Applying a nipple care cream that ; contains calendula to your dry nipples in between feeds is a good preventive ; measure. Always use a nipple care cream that does not have to be removed prior ; to breastfeeding as constant manual removal can damage the nipple.


Calendula is a strong anti-fungal and one of the most ; powerful natural medicines for thrush and athletes foot. Adding a calendula oil ; to your baby’s bath will fight external fungal infections as well as deeply ; cleanse.