Since the mid 1980s I have been continuing this family tradition of working with Australian plants, however, I have been focusing on developing the emotional and spiritual healing qualities of our plants.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences that I have developed carry on this very long healing tradition of flower essences. Australia has more flowering plants than anywhere else in the world, and botanists claim that the first flowering plants grew in Australia. The flora is striking in colour, mostly reds and purples, and has unique ancient forms. Australia is one of the most physically and psychically unpolluted of countries, and it has an ancient, powerful energy. The flora reflects this great energy, and the flower essences made from those plants capture that spirit and vitality.

Bush Essences have gained a worldwide reputation for their extraordinary healing powers. One of the great things about them is that anyone can use them. You dont have to be medically or naturopathically trained to recognise when your child is suffering from low self-esteem, insecurity or sadness. Whats more, the essences are gentle and have no side effects, making them a perfect remedy for children and babies.

Today, Australian Bush Flower Essences are being used widely throughout the world by families and practitioners, and in hospitals as well. They have gained great respect and a wonderful reputation for being totally safe, incredibly fast acting and for producing very powerful results on not just the emotional and spiritual levels, but on the physical level too.

Bush Essences are used in cosmetic ranges; they are incorporated with aromatherapy and added to massage oils and oil burners; and they are sprayed in classrooms to enhance childrens learning ability and to decrease their stress at exam time. Landscape architects utilise the plants from which Bush Essences are made in their designs so as to incorporate the healing and harmonising qualities of the essences into the environments of their clients. Bush Essences are used in hospitals in Europe and South America as a viable, effective and safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy without the increased risk of breast or cervical cancer and elevated cholesterol levels. Emergency Essence is sprayed in obstetric units to help during childbirth. Orphanages in Brazil to which we donate our essences put them in the childrens food and drinks. Animal rescue groups use them on their injured animals. Flight and cabin crews take them to negate the effects of air travel. The scope of Bush Essences is quite unlimited.

One of the unique features of Bush Essences is that they can easily be combined with all other healing modalities, such as homoeopathy, allopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage, counselling or chiropractic treatments. If you or your child is on any medication, you can still safely take treatments Bush Essences alongside it.

Whether you are involved as a parent, grandparent, relative, trusted family friend or practitioner, Australian Bush Flower Essences provide a wonderful system of healing for you to help the children in your care reach their highest potential. Since Australian Bush Flower Essences became available in the mid 1980s, theyve been used to bring about healing on all levels for children. They help make humans more like angels, and what better way to start life?

It is my goal for every household to have Australian Bush Flower Essences so that all family members can enjoy a better quality of life. Most importantly, I want children to be brought up with Bush Essences so that they keep their hearts open and have the courage, strength and enthusiasm to follow and pursue their goals and dreams.

I am sure Australian Bush Flower Essences will bring great benefit to you and to the children you love.
This is an extract from Ian Whites book Happy Healthy Kids – From conception to age 7 with Australian Bush Flower Essences available through Allen & Unwin and all good bookstores.