A critical piece of a biomedical treatment approach for Autism is testing. There are many types of lab testing available. One such test is an organic acid test (OAT) and to be more specific, an organic acid test from Great Plains Labs which is what I use in my practice.

If you want to consider testing for your child you can consider it in two ways, non blood testing and blood testing. I like to start off by asking parents in my practice whether their child has had any blood testing done prior. And then, I ask how the child handled the blood testing if they have had any performed previously. An experience that one child can handle very well can prove to be very traumatic for another child.

Certain children can find blood testing so stressful that they require three or four adults to hold them down to have their blood drawn. But we understand that to get some important data in the biomedical treatment of your child, blood testing can be imperative at times. When you begin your biomedical treatment approach, it is not always imperative to have the blood testing done first. Non-blood testing can give us a lot of information that we can use to start treatment, like dietary interventions, and treatment for yeast and bacterial overgrowth. In my practice I begin with an organic acid test.

This test is less traumatic since it is a urine test and easier to get in many cases. It also gives us information on yeast and bacterial toxins and metabolic issues that can be helped with supplementation. In addition, stool testing can be done up front to determine things like parasitic infections, yeast, bacteria and markers for inflammation. So two early diagnostic tests that can be done without blood are an organic acid test and a stool test to get a lot of data to use for biomedical treatment of your child.

There is a wide variety of blood tests out there to choose from and they are important in the assessment and treatment of your child. You may choose to run blood tests to review liver and kidney function, assess mineral levels or check cholesterol. But in the beginning, you can start with an organic acid test and a comprehensive digestive stool analysis and they can give you very good information to get started on a biomedical treatment approach.