I wanted to briefly talk about an effective therapy for children with Autism called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is very effective for kids on the spectrum for a couple of reasons. What has been discovered through testing is that blood flow to certain parts of the brain, including the temporal lobes, which are on the side of the head, can be common. Many things can be negatively impacted from compromised blood flow to those areas, including speech which we know to be a problem in Autism. Inflammation is a common cause of poor blood flow, so neuro inflammation or inflammation caused by various immune responses can be problematic for things like speech as well.

Increasing the metabolic functioning of the brain through improving the oxygen carrying capacity is just one function of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A reduction of inflammation, including neurological inflammation is also seen through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Weve seen hyperbaric oxygen therapy used successfully for many years to treat varying medical conditions. Many times it was used to treat burns and other skin ailments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now being used to treat other medical conditions like autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis for example, diabetes and even heart disease in some cases. We see improvement in cognitive ability, increased speech, better oxygen carrying capability, better metabolism, decrease inflammation along with decrease chemical mediator production that increase inflammation in children who undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be a very successful treatment for your child as a part of their biomedical treatment plan. You can find hyperbaric oxygen chambers in many places like freestanding clinics or you can rent a chamber for home use.. You can watch my video series or read my biomedical protocols for the successful use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treatment of your child with Autism.