Shavasana/corpse pose Lying flat on the back let the arms rest by the sides of the body with the palms facing upwards. This position will help the chest and heart centre to open so that the breath can move through the body without any restriction. The neck is an extension of the spine so it is important when beginning shavasana to take a deep breath in, lift the head off the floor bringing the chin in towards the chest and then allowing the head to rest back down on the floor. This will help lengthen the whole spine ,including the neck. Let the legs rest on the mat allowing the feet to drop to the sides, the hips and thighs will naturally open. Lie still as if you were sleeping and focus once more on the full yoga breath. Inhaling and expanding the chest and abdomen like a large balloon, exhaling and gently letting go. As the breath moves in and out of the body visualising the breath as coloured light can help deepen relaxation and keep the mind focused. This is a good preparation for meditation. Variation The knees can bend so that the feet rest flat on the floor. This position maybe necessary if there is a problem with the lower back. Benefits Shavasana relaxes the whole body and should be done after every yoga session. It is also beneficial to practice shavasana before sleep to help let go of any tension that may have accumulated within the body throughout the day. Shavasana helps develop body awareness, mentally, physically and spiritually. .When the body is relaxed the whole being can let go. To begin regular yoga practice it is important to include at least one of each of the following movements so that the whole body is lengthened in every direction possible this will help to maximise practice and increase the bodies strength and flexibility.