Herbal bath sachets and teas Herbs are an excellent ally to natural health and a wonderful companion for all the seasons of a womans life.

For every condition or challenge life presents, Nature provides a herbal remedy to help. Blissful Herbs bath sachets & herbal teas are lovingly crafted to enhance a woman’s journey through menarche, pregnancy, birth & motherhood, menopause and beyond.

These fragrant bath sachets and delicious teas make ideal gifts to show care and support for the special woman in your life, adding a touch of luxury and nurture, and providing a simple way to honour each special phase. The therapeutic herbs bring comfort & relief from any uncomfortable symptoms. They facilitate a way to slow down amid the rush & business and take time for the rest & self-nurture that is so important to achieving healthy balance in life. Blissful Herbs uses quality herbs from local herbs farms in the beautiful Yarra Valley, some home-grown herbs, and some from reputable Australian companies. Most are organic and wild-crafted. We ship to anywhere in Australia.

Bath Sachets
The pores of the skin are the largest organ of assimilation which readily absorb the wonderful therapeutic properties of these special herbal blends. Its like bathing in a giant cup of fragrant tea. The herbal sachet may be placed directly into a warm bath, or you can first steep the herbs in hot water for 10-15 minutes to release the fragrance and therapeutic properties, before adding the liquid to your bath, sitz bath or foot bath. There are relaxation baths for busy mums and for pregnant women, post-natal healing baths and cramp-easing baths for menstruation. We also offer a healing rinse for sore nipples, another for nappy rash, a compress for hemorrhoids and an amazing hair rinse that is sure to make your hair sing.

The most popular bath sachet is the Post Natal Bliss, which contains therapeutic herbs that relieve pain & discomfort and speed the healing of tears, suture, grazes and swelling after childbirth. There is an optional Peri-Cleanse bottle, for gentle cleansing of the perineum using the herbal liquid. The Post Natal Bliss Peri-Care Kit makes the first tender days and weeks after birth so much easier – and the natural fragrances smell divine. The herbs are gentle enough for the baby to join her in the bath for some extra skin-to-skin connection. A must-have for any birthing woman and a lovely gift for any new mama.

Herbal Tea Blends
A cup of tea has long been a panacea for the stresses of daily life and a way to take a moment to rest and perhaps have a chat with a congenial person. This alone is therapeutic. Added to this are the healing, calming and balancing properties of these amazing herbs. Some have natural anti-biotic properties; most are rich in minerals and vitamins, some balance the female hormones and are tonics for the female reproductive system. Blissful Herbs offers teas for calming morning sickness; to nourish the expectant mother; a birth tea containing birth aid herbs to ease pain and promote effective contractions; a tea to diminish bleeding and tone the uterus after birth; breastfeeding tea full of milk-promoting galactogogues; teas for supporting menarche, menstration, PMS and menopause; and the popular Mood Lift Bliss teas, for easing depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Gift Packages The Post Natal Care Gift Pack – healing and soothing for the new mother Moon Cycle Gift Pack – easing PMS and menstruation The Maiden Blessing Gift Pack – for the girl who is becoming a woman The Mother Blessing Gift pack – everything a mother needs for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. More details on the website. Contact: BLISSFUL HERBS PO Box 378, Warburton, VIC 3799 PH: 03 5966 5980 M: 0432 105 162 W: http://melbournedoula.blogspot.com/2010/07/melbourne-doula-boutique.html