Ever walked down the cereal aisle and had a look at the contents of commercial cereals?? Everything is added vitamins this added minerals that….It?s as if the manufacturer is saying “Look…. our ingredients are not really nutritious so weve added all this other stuff to try and make it actually good for you.? In many cases, you might as well be giving your children white bread, with thickly spread butter and jam each morning, with a multi vitamin.? In fact, if you do that ? you might in fact be giving your children less sugar, artificial flavouring and colouring! Added vitamins and minerals are not in whole food form – they are in additive form so it?s likely our bodies don?t absorb them as well.? This makes it hard to really work out the accuracy of the ?% of daily recommended intake? when it comes to things like iron etc, What you can be sure of, the % of daily intake of sugar on many cereals is going to be high.? It?s quite amazing how programmed western society has become with regard to breakfast.? We don?t feel confidant to make it, we perhaps don?t think we should even try it.? We make lunches, we cook dinner but make breakfast?? Making breakfast often means pouring it out of a box.? People who?d not even consider doing this for lunch or dinner(pouring it out of a box) don?t think twice about doing it for breakfast. The below recipes show that breakfast need not be poured from a box, it need not be pancakes and syrup, bacon and eggs, or a trip to Maccas.? Breakfast can taste great and be good for you, so try some of these!