Babies and Toddlers

Toddler Nature

There is a change that occurs when a child is approximately 18 months old.  This change marks the movement of a child from a relationship with their mother that is symbiotic, into one that is about differentiation. It is at this stage that a child is

Pretend, Make Believe, Imagine, Play and Learn

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein Einstein knew it, and leading researchers like Stuart Brown agree, unstructured, child lead, imaginative play is vital for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. Children natural

When Your Baby Has Separation Anxiety

From the time that babies become aware of the world around them they begin to form important relationships with the people in their lives. They quickly learn that certain people are vital to their happiness and their survival. Babies dont have the ability

A risk I will have to take – The Vaccination Dilemma

If ever there was an area where freedom of choice was a fundamental right, its when it comes to our children's health. Parents are free to choose what their children eat, what their children are exposed to on TV and a myriad of other issues which, as the

How Can Chiropractic Help Restless Babies?

Sleepless nights for a new Mum and Dad are common place in the early weeks of a newborns life. Many things are normal, such as a little burp after feeding, or crying when hungry, however a particularly distressing cry, constipation, poor feeding, colic, o

Hip Dysplasia in Babies – Page 2

How can I help my baby? Hip bracing is used to hold your babys hips in a position to promote proper growth and development of her hips. The hip brace will hold her legs apart and turn them outwards, in a frog-legged position. This can pose a few challenge

Hip Dysplasia in Babies

So your baby has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia but youre still confused as to what this means for her?* Debbie Clemens of Hip Babes sheds some light on hip dysplasia, what can be done about it and how you can help your child adjust to her treatment. W