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Every child is unique with their own individual personalities and needs. There is no finite recipe for perfect parenting and no one way of getting it right. The early days of parenting a new baby can be a very challenging and confusing time. We can often feel overwhelmed and unsure as life as we knew it has suddenly and dramatically changed. For many couples the first new born baby they will ever hold will be their own. We live in a society that distrusts children and their ability to grow well. We are constantly trying to control them and how they behave and overwhelm ourselves with others expectations.

We watch clocks and impose feeding schedules, sleep train and seek expert “solutions” if baby is not sleeping through when six months old. We toilet train at a certain age and send our tiny children to child care so that they may be socialised. We plan every aspect of growth and try to manage every outcome. Our attempts to control our children and structure our parenting have caused us to loss sight of our own innate ability to meet the needs of our children and trust them in guiding their development and growth. In a culture that continues to push children towards early independence, we often overlook the importance of beginning life at home with a loving parent.

This is a time where the scene is set for future development. It is a time where our children set down their ‘roots’ on this planet and begin to grow not just physically but emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our children’s healthy attachment to others begins with us as parents Natural Baby website offers information on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, crying and a myriad of ideas that support the bonding and connection of parent and child. Babyhood is a short time in the journey to independence. Despite its sometimes overwhelming demands it offers us many precious opportunities to create lasting connections with our child.