Baby and Toddler Crying

Pretend, Make Believe, Imagine, Play and Learn

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein Einstein knew it, and leading researchers like Stuart Brown agree, unstructured, child lead, imaginative play is vital for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. Children natural

How Can Chiropractic Help Restless Babies?

Sleepless nights for a new Mum and Dad are common place in the early weeks of a newborns life. Many things are normal, such as a little burp after feeding, or crying when hungry, however a particularly distressing cry, constipation, poor feeding, colic, o

Embracing the Tears

My baby cried this morning. He cried and cried and cried. Close to an hour of constant heart felt tears. He squirmed his tiny body next to mine on our family bed. He cried hard, tears streaming down his face. He pushed his head firmly into the pillow and

What is wrong with Controlled Crying?

Before I gave birth to my first child I knew nothing about children, I was thrilled by the challenge of learning as I went. As soon as our little boy stirred I quickly fed or comforted him not knowing what I was doing but just reacting on a ‘gut&rsq

The Con of Controlled Crying

Although many sleep “experts” claim there is no evidence of harm from practices such as controlled crying, it is worth noting that there is a vast difference between ; “ no evidence of harm” and “ evidence of NO HARM.”