Baby Health and Development

All About Calendula – Page 2

Calendula and some common skin conditions – how it helps Nappy Rash Calendula makes a safe and natural solution to nappy rash ; and it does many things for your baby's skin beyond just preventing rashes. It ; improves skin tone, strength, hydr

What Babies Want – and interview with Debby Takikawa

An interview with the writer, director and producer of the award winning documentary, What Babies Want, featuring Noah Wyle from the successful TV show ER as narrator. The film makes a social statement about the importance of early development in children

The Curse of Colic

The joy a newborn baby brings to its parent's lives can quickly turn to dismay in the early days of life when the first heart-wrenching cries of colic commence. Apart from the obvious distress of the infant, the anguish and helplessness parents feel