Children and Discipline

If you don’t control children, they will grow up out of control… Right?

Post finished... ha ha! Before we go any further I need to make a few distinctions... Discipline refers to guiding, modelling, teaching, leading and encouraging. Punishment refers to penalising, humiliating, inflicting harm, or chastising. There is so much fear around not "punishing children" and children not having "consequences" for their behaviour - you may have

The Good Child – Socialisation and Child Sexual Abuse

I think most parents gauge their parental skills on how “good” their children are and likewise, we are rigorously judged by others, according to how well our children behave. Parents of well-behaved children are universally praised and admired and much of

Alternatives to the Word No!

One day it happens. Your cute, adorable, cuddly baby has turned into a toddler. And she’s discovered the word, “NO”! Emphatic, heart-stopping, and powerful. The word “no” is a favourite among children because they hear it so often from parents when they m

Calm for Kids Program

  A pilot program introducing relaxation classes into primary schools is set to launch in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, the first initiative of its kind in Australia.   Brisbane relaxation specialists Calm for Kids are introducing the pioneeri

Gentle Discipline – Staying on the Path

If you want to work for world peace, go home and love your families. Mother Teresa Few of us are prepared for the emotional shock wave of falling in love with our first tiny offspring. As a new parent, you hold your new child's life in your hands, a

Labelling is Disabling

We opened the wrapping paper to reveal a T-shirt with the words “Trouble in training”. It might be a cute gift at first but labels can stick, and even when the child has outgrown the label (and the T-shirt), it can leave behind an indelible re

How To Connect With Your Misbehaving Child

“If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” Carl G. Jung The reason a child will act unkindly or cause damage is always innoce

Tantrums – When To Say No

I t was a hot day and we had walked to the shop. I had promised we would buy a box of icypoles. In a moment of maternal correctness, I offered a choice - "paddlepops or coloured icypoles?", I asked. He said "I wanna look." So I lifted