Children and Discipline

The Best Kind Of Child Time Out Is Their Own

How to raise caring, responsible children without spanking, grounding, time-out and other punishments. Tired of holding the bedroom door handle closed when your child is trying to leave during a time-out? Fed up with your child trashing his room during ti

When Toddlers Bite

Biting in the early years is not different from hitting, throwing things, pushing, pulling hair or any other aggressive behaviour. Some biting can be benign and transient, but repeated biting has a deeper emotional cause that has to be addressed. A frustr

What To Do When Your Toddler Hurts The Baby

The arrival of a baby can be an extremely heart wrenching experience for a young child. She may feel excited yet also shocked and heartbroken. A mother I counselled confided to me that the arrival of her sister, when she was three, was the most traumatic

When Giving Children Consequences Doesnt Work

Your son rides his bike without a helmet. Again. You've nagged, begged, pleaded, and informed him of the dangers of riding without one. Next, you've issued Consequences! You've taken the bike away and put it in the garage for a day, then

Why Do Children Misbehave?

All children act in annoying, obnoxious, or hurtful ways at times, and they dont always cooperate with our requests. Before dealing with inappropriate behaviour in children, it is useful to know why they act the way they do. Once we know this, it is easie

Gentle Discipline – Part 2

The word discipline comes from the Latin word disciplina , which means instruction or teaching. This tells us that discipline involves everything that we do to teach our children, rather than just how we deal with difficult behaviours. Gentle discipline,

Gentle Discipline – Part One

The First ‘No' Emma was 20 months or so -my sunny, sweet first child- and we were sitting on the sofa together, having tea with our neighbour, who was planning her first pregnancy. Emma had never really used the word before, and I had wishfull