Children and Education

Teaching Our Kids to Dress Themselves

Let’s face it. It’s hard to let go, and even just the vaguest thought of them learning to fend for themselves is enough to give us parents a serious case of empty nest syndrome, and we’d really rather enjoy their early years to the fullest. But all the experts will tell you the same thing:

The Hundred Languages of Children

Jake watches as his playmates continue to add to the tower. The blocks sway as Janine stomps toward the group, her arms extended wide. Giggling and falling over each other, the towers are knocked down, showering blocks over the children. "Did you see?" Ja

Demand Learning

Although the concept of demand feeding a new born baby might seem a little daunting to some first-time parents, most of us who chose this form of feeding usually learn quite quickly to respond to our baby’s cues. The recognition of a baby’s signal to brea

Avenues of Change – Steiner Education for Young Children

Is there a world of education that keeps a child’s mind, development and heart and soul at the forefront? When it comes to education alternatives, what is available? Are our children coping socially in their particular school environment? If not where do

School’s In – A Day in the Life of a Teacher

The bell rings. School starts. Twenty five little bodies, deposit 25 school bags on pegs or shelves and enter the classroom, collectively lugging enough coloured pencils, glow pens and crayons you sniff to sink a ship (yes, the red one really does smell l

Friendships – and important Part of Childhood

Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. I was reminded of this the other day when two colleagues disclosed that they had been friends since kindergarten and had shared the ups and downs of school years, teenage years, marriage, children and careers. C

Teaching Children about the Value of Money

Values - Pass them on Money doesnt grow on trees. It sprouts from an automatic teller machine. From your childrens perspective it does, anyway. Mum pushes a few magic buttons and money appears. Why would they think there are limits? Values stand behind ev

Help Your Child Settle at School

The new school year is freshly upon us and there is no better time to help children and students that are struggling with concentration skills to reach their full potential. Debbie Hopper, a paediatric Occupational Therapist with re

Kids – The Human Sponges

    Sometimes we forget that our kids are like sponges; soaking up everything we say and do - often without us even realising it. Thats why we parents need to really think about how our own attitudes might be affecting the kids and what informat