Children and Education

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

For many parents I deal with, choosing a school for their children is one of the most significant emotional and financial decisions they will make. This decision, is often based on the basis of the experiences of others, gut feel, local gossip, casual obs

The Dog Ate My Memory Stick! Why Homework Should be Optional

Parents who have a child in a public, independent or private school, are actually home-schooling. They pull a second shift at home teaching their child under the euphemism of "homework" whether they wish to or not. Some parents are satisfied, saying "I bu

Putting The Fun Back Into Childrens Learning

Whats the first thing that you think of when I say the word "Education"? Perhaps it was "school" "teachers" "certificates" or maybe just a shudder and a groan as you remember your own school days? When you picture y

Stress-Reduced Home Schooling!!!

Its 9.30 in the morning. You are in your pyjamas, carrying your sleeping baby in the sling because you dont want to risk putting her down - she might wake up and cry again. For another two hours. You figure your shower can wait, and head off to the kitche

An Overview Of Steiner Education In Australia

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop individuals who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives” . Rudolf Steiner Steiner schools have a unique and distinctive approach to educating children, aimin

Homeschooling In Australia – Where Do I Begin?

For most families, home schooling is a lifestyle choice, and as individual as the people within each family. If you speak to a group of home educators, they will give you different reasons as to why they initially decided to educate their children at home

The Montessori Method Of Education

Montessori is an education for life, a learning process where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment. Established world-wide, the Montessori Method has proven successful with children from diverse cultural an

Life After Homeschooling

Our eldest child recently celebrated her eighth birthday, and already Ive had questions about her high school and possible university education. We have chosen not to outsource our childrens education, instead we take full responsibility for their learnin