When you have school children in the household, you’ll know how time consuming and costly it can be preparing lunches and snacks day in and day out. Not only are you in charge of injecting creativity into each meal but also making sure that what you pack stays in tact by lunchtime and is not…

Prescription drugs can save lives – that is indisputable – but as guardians we must also recognise that the over-use of drugs may in fact damage the health of our children. Drug companies earn billions of dollars each year by successfully breeding fear in

Hippocrates once said “Give me a fever and I can cure the child”. Fevers are one of the most common symptoms prompting parents to take their child to a doctor or health care professional of their choice. A fever is necessary and useful in the healing of a

Eczema in young children and babies is getting more common each passing year. Up to 10 percent of children under five will develop eczema. Doctors generally do not know what causes eczema, however from a Naturopathic viewpoint there can be many different

Every individual child has his nature which will be similar throughout his life. A child may be formed, but he can be formed or can form himself only according to his nature, which is almost homoeostatic. This homoeostatic state can be called the constitu

Like most youngsters, Chase is always bringing illnesses home from kindy and childcare. He suffers asthma, eczema, allergies, headaches, and has had a large enlarged lymph node, plus several smaller ones, in his neck for the past few months. Our family do

Experts urge children to get outdoors as new research uncovers a massive decline in outdoor play across the generations Most Aussie kids dont climb trees anymore, according to new research from Planet Ark. Once a symbol of an idyllic childhood, this na

My six-year-old son has been a toe walker since he began to walk at the normal age after one. He is in full health and full of energy as all young boys with a very creative mind. Being a toe walker means that whether he is running, walking or even just st

“All prescribed and over-the-counter drugs are high-risk substances for an infant.” DR TREVOR SMITH DID YOU KNOW? Antibiotics are often inappropriately prescribed, i.e. they are prescribed for viral conditions such as colds and measles that wi

So how does a mother feel when her baby is dead from vaccines and all she hears from doctors, the government and media is that vaccines are safe and effective? This is my journey…. I cant say I believed in vaccination. I knew nothing about it, but had i

Cod liver oil has been regarded as a remedy for years and the same holds true in the Autism community too. Weve seen how cod liver oil benefits children with Autism in a couple of ways. First it provides the essential fats like EPA and DHA which is critic

It was an interesting time. You dont notice things have changed that much when you are with someone everyday. I would go shopping and people would not look at my baby, but rather look the other way. I remember going into the butcher and ordering what I wa

Inflammation is your bodys response to any harmful agent, such as something that can cause disease (e.g. bacteria, virus), an allergen or other irritant. In short, inflammation is your bodys natural response to something that causes irritation.? Inflammat

New laws have been passed that make it mandatory for children under seven to be restrained in an appropriate child restraint. These laws are designed to increase the safety of your children and reduce the number of children injured or killed in car accide

There has been a lot of focus on plastics containing BPA in the last 18 months and more recently in August this year, with popular aluminium drink bottle makers, Sigg, admitting that bottles made by them up until August 2008 contained BPA. Even more recen

TV has become an integral part of society, but what does it do to the health of our children? The latest studies link conditions such as childhood obesity and ADD with watching TV. Watching TV is a sedentary activity. Commercials advertise health-damaging

A healthy brain should be a top priority, yet many people take the brain for granted. The more studies done, the more amazing and complex the brain becomes. The health of a child”s growing brain should be of utmost importance to parents. An unhealthy brai

It seems like everyone I see in my practice these days avoids fats. When recalling their daily diet to me, they proudly point out all the low fat and fat free foods they eat. This is all very well, but I tend to not be too impressed. The reason is that fa