Children’s Health

New National Child Restraint Laws

New laws have been passed that make it mandatory for children under seven to be restrained in an appropriate child restraint. These laws are designed to increase the safety of your children and reduce the number of children injured or killed in car accide

Treating Children with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ancient Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat children dating as far back as the Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD). The first book of Chinese pediatrics was written in 1032 AD by the specialist physician Qian Zhong Yang and includes detaile

Autism Treatment – Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil has been regarded as a remedy for years and the same holds true in the Autism community too. Weve seen how cod liver oil benefits children with Autism in a couple of ways. First it provides the essential fats like EPA and DHA which is critic

Green cleaning – Baby friendly cleaning

Chemical free or Green cleaning is becoming more and more popular as people are becoming more aware of the health risks some common household cleaners can pose.? Whilst there is much talk, study and speculation on the effects of some commonly used cleaner

Autism Treatment -Glutamate, Excitotoxicity and Autism

There is a theory shared by the Autism and Alzheimer communities, along with other neurological disorders as well that discusses the role of glutamate in brain over stimulation. Many children with Autism have brain hyper excitability caused by glutamate e

The Bitter Sweet Festive Season

Like most families, the Christmas holidays for us are all about catching up with friends and family, festive events, warm weather, outdoor activities, and the delightful absence of ‘routine. It has been our experience that the eight to ten week peri

Feeding Tube Dependency (FTD) in Infants and Children

Tube fed kids dont get hungry. It makes perfect sense really. If you were a baby or a young child, why would you want to eat and drink if you are always being fed via a tube? When a childs nutritional and hydration needs are always being met though Tube F