Family Fun Ideas

Preparing to Travel with Children

Articles abound with helpful tips for when travelling with children. Common sense ideas such as - ensuring you have plenty for them to do - introducing new activities during the journey - packing favourite toys - having their own backpack just for their a

The Natural Family at Play

When talking about the natural family, we tend to think mainly of our position in relation to allopathic medicine. This is as it should be. Of all the areas relating to the raising of a healthy, natural family, no issue stands out as more contentious. But

Fun Ideas for School Holidays!

Busy parents often feel pressured to spend a fortune entertaining their kids, particularly during weekends and holidays. The good news is that quality time doesn't have to mean expensive. We've scoured Australia to find a host of holiday activ

Tips For Travelling With Children

It's all in the planning – take out a world map, choose where you'd like to go then research: Travel guides such as Lonely Planet have some good ideas and travel tips; Visit travel agencies and search the web for information on flight sp

Green Fingers – Gardening Without Harm

It's amazing just how powerful parenting is to one's self. We bought our house six years ago and have been renovating on and off all this time. We never did anything with our garden. I think we just looked at it and put it into the ‘too

Camping With Kids

My husband and I used to be keen campers before we had children. This probably stemmed from how we met - on a budget camping safari through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. We continued camping, sometimes in the car, sometimes on bikes or on foot in pl

Diary Of A Familys Travels – Coming Home

It's good to be home. When we left way back in June I thought about how it would feel when we actually came home again. Would I be glad to be back or wishing the trip could go on for longer. I never imagined it would feel this good to be back! I thi

Diary Of A Familys Travels – Six Weeks On The Road

Whats it like? I hear you clamor. How are you coping in the car? In the caravan? Where have you been? What have you seen? Are you having fun? Just to recap for those who missed the last issue. My family and I, husband Kieran, Olivia (6), Harry (4) and Sop

Diary Of A Familys Travels – Preparing To Go

Over the next few issues you will be reading about my family's caravan adventure in East Coast Australia. I'd like to introduce them to you. I'm Mary, my husband is Kieran and we have three children, Olivia (6), Harry (4) and Sophia (1).