Father and Fatherhood

Under 10 football coach and man builder

I am an under-10 boys soccer coach.  An unlikely one as I was never a good player.  2 years ago my youngest son’s coach had to quit unexpectedly. 4 weeks later with no new coach I put my hand up and said “Give me a shot at it.  I figured I could not do a

Stay At Home Dad Struggles with Empathy

Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHD) do it tough. Their social support network, compared to their partner's, is thin and weak. Their working peers don'tunderstand what they do all day. They make statements like, I so wish I was like you. You can spend the day surfing

Leading from the Trenches – Approaches to Parenting

Another day is over and I watch my sons while they sleep. I've closed their bedroom windows, pulled the covers over their shoulders and now " before I leave their rooms " I say a quick prayer for them and wonder how I'm doing as a father. Do they get enou

Defragging – Time out for Dads

A coaching client of mine (a Dad) once lamented the complete lack of time in his life to think, to plan, to pray. As he put it, he lacked “time away from the noise”.

All Part of the Package

Did you ever have that experience where you’re looking at a car to buy and it has what the salesperson calls ‘extras’ - which you know are actually standard for the model? CD player, air-con, airbags, etc.

Beer and Bubs – Childbirth Classes for Men

A unique concept in prenatal classes has men all over Australia heading to the pub in the name of childbirth. Dads are often overlooked when it comes to childbirth preparation. Yet when it comes to the big day, they need to know how to support their partn

Head: Cute? Baby, you aint seen nothing yet…

I am a new parent and I am terrified. My biggest fear isnt the thought of my child growing up and running off to Disneyland; or even worse, Michael Jacksons Neverland. No, the major concern is partiality. New parents see no wrong in their children. We are