I am an under 10 boys soccer coach.  An unlikely one as I was never a good player.  2 years ago my youngest son’s coach had to quit unexpectedly. 4 weeks later with no new coach I put my hand up and said “Give me a shot at it.  I figured I could not do…

Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHD) do it tough. Their social support network, compared to their partner’s, is thin and weak. Their working peers don’tunderstand what they do all day. They make statements like, I so wish I was like you. You can spend the day surfing

Did you ever have that experience where you’re looking at a car to buy and it has what the salesperson calls ‘extras’ – which you know are actually standard for the model? CD player, air-con, airbags, etc.

A unique concept in prenatal classes has men all over Australia heading to the pub in the name of childbirth. Dads are often overlooked when it comes to childbirth preparation. Yet when it comes to the big day, they need to know how to support their partn

The Fatherhood Festival leaps a year but the Fatherhood Project is working around the clock. The Fatherhood Project is the tiny charity that has hosted the Fatherhood Festival for the past five years. The Fatherhood Festival in Bangalow NSW has been emula

Colin George is a father of five. He ran away from fathering his first two children. “I was scared and didn’t know how to be the father I never had”, he said. He was just seven years old when his own father died. It was a defining moment

Practice being kind instead of being right. Share your hobbies with your kids. Select one day a month or a year to be OUR DAY and mark it on your calendar. Let your child decide what the day’s events will be and celebrate together! Come up with pred

Have you ever wondered what motivates men to remain at home to parent their children? What follows is a distilled version of interviews with three men who have chosen to remain at home to parent their children. Ron is 39, previously an Insurance Broker/Ta

My eldest child died before I ever knew about him. My wife, Alice and I endured a deadening series of tests and hospital visits to ensure the health of our intended but unexpected son; ten or twelve visits over the course of a month. ”It could be ec