Nutrition and Children

School Lunches – 5 Steps To A Waste-Free Lunch

When you have school children in the household, you’ll know how time consuming and costly it can be preparing lunches and snacks day in and day out. Not only are you in charge of injecting creativity into each meal but also making sure that what you pack stays in tact by lunchtime and is not


Adena Graham About 20 months ago, my husband and I stopped eating meat. This process towards a different way of eating was very piecemeal. I’d studied Animal Welfare Law at university when I was 20. Having written a dissertation on factory farming, and seen related videos, I wanted to drop meat consumption back then. However,

Wholefoods – the name says it all.

Wholefoods are foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Wholefoods are unprocessed and unrefined and typically don't contain added sugar, salt or fats. Serving fresh foods in their natural state is one of the best things you can d

Natural anti-stress tips for busy mums

Are you feeling tired and stressed out? Are you relying on coffee and sugary foods to give you a much-needed boost to get through the day? Being a mum sometimes can be one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. Between changing nappies, packing lunch b

Fish – Food for Thought

The food your child eats affects the development and performance of their brain. Giving your children the right food containing specific nutrients can boost your childs IQ, allow them to think more quickly, be more coordinated, have better memory, improve

The Rubbish Free Lunch Box

The last few years has seen the introduction of Rubbish Free Lunch days into schools around Australia. Some schools encourage participation in this event one day a week, while others are every school day. The reduction in waste is generally measured and c

Mango and Berry Bircher-style muesli Recipe

This delicious muesli makes for a perfectly balanced breakfast – containing complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy unsaturated fats and antioxidants. Yoghurt is a fabulous addition to your diet, full of friendly bacteria that help to promote health

Breakfast Recipes

Ever walked down the cereal aisle and had a look at the contents of commercial cereals?? Everything is added vitamins this added minerals that....It?s as if the manufacturer is saying "Look.... our ingredients are not really nutritious so weve added all t


At Natural Parenting we get more emails requesting recipes that  are healthy, tasty and appealing to everyone in the family than on any other topic. Recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, recipes that appeal to fussy tastebuds..... desserts that