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Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs we can choose. It is full of ups and downs, times of utter joy and exhilaration, times of despair and complete unknowing. Very few vocations hold such diversity, challenge and impact as that of parenting. Being a parent is extremely demanding job and most of us come to it with no qualifications and very little support. Many parents struggle with the every day demands of modern life which are often compounded by economic pressures, isolation and physical exhaustion. Modern society often fails parents. The value placed on the vital role of parenting most often underestimates the crucial importance of adequately resourcing parents. The well being of future generations strongly depends on how we support and resource parents today. Parenting does not have a destination. It does not have a landing pad where you finally realise all. Rather it is a journey of maturation and growth. Of learning alongside your children as together we charter unknown territory. In this role, it is vital to be supported by a community in which we can openly share our struggles and achievements without judgment.