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What Kaz Cooke Has To Say On Parenting: .

Now you have a baby, what on earth are you going to do with it? Melbourne writer-mummy Kaz Cooke helps out with her latest book… Q. Up the Duff became an unofficial bible for Aussie mums sick of being preached to, and Kidwrangling is a best-seller

The Big Stretch – Dvd Review

We women love to share our birth stories, and The Big Stretch is the ultimate collection of heartfelt stories. Made by author and birth worker Jenny Blyth and film maker Alieta Belle, this film has been recently released on DVD. A beautiful and inspiring

Childbirth Without Fear – Book Review

Grantly Dick-Read The original and unabridged edition of Grantly Dick-Reads Childbirth Without Fear is finally on bookshelves and available to the public after many years of being out of print and hopelessly without a publisher. Endorsed by Janet Balaskas

The Water Birth Book – Book Review

Janet Balaskas (with foreword by Yehudi Gordon MD) "The Water Birth Book" is an extensively researched commentary and "How To" guide that evolved out of Janet and Yehudis 1990 text "Waterbirth". This newer text could well be

Parenting For A Peaceful World – Book Review

By Robin Grille Sitting down to write this book review is quite an intimidating task. How often does a parenting book come along that is as compellingly researched and historically in-depth as Robin Grilles Parenting for a Peaceful World? If taken serious

Chomp Chomp – Music Review

by Shad Weathersby When it comes to childrens music, we are a hard family to please. There are no Fruit Salads or Hot Potatoes in our collection and most of our music we listen to as a family. So by our definition Beatles tunes, classical music, old show

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering – Book Review

I imagine Im not the only mother and feminist in the world who can say that the writings of Dr Sarah J Buckley have changed her life. If fiction writer Stephen King hadnt cursed the expression I might even dare to call myself her #1 fan. Since I first rea

My Brother Jimi Jazz – Book Review

By Chrissy Butler My Brother Jimi Jazz is the first book of emerging writer Chrissy Butler. Chrissy writes from the perspective of a young girl about the beautiful home birth of Jimi Jazz. A wonderful tale for children and the whole family, that embraces:

Birth Right – Book Review

"A midwifes guide to getting the best for you and your baby in pregnancy and birth" says it all. Susan Ross has produced an up-to-date guide to negotiating Australias minefield of maternity care. It is primarily a manual for assessing your optio