We often think of children as carefree with few worries and forget that they go through stresses and strains in life just like any adult. In todays society of peer pressure , consumerism and sibling rivalry children need time and space to be able to find

Bhujangasana/cobra pose-backward bend . Lying flat on the stomach place your legs straight out behind with the feet close together and the soles pointing upwards. Rest the palms of the hands on the floor underneath the shoulders. Place the forehead on the

Shavasana/corpse pose Lying flat on the back let the arms rest by the sides of the body with the palms facing upwards. This position will help the chest and heart centre to open so that the breath can move through the body without any restriction. The nec

In the ancient world there was a need to find symbolic meaning in everything, and a connection between the celestial and earthly realms was paramount. Interestingly, it was this drive which resulted in the charting of the night skies for divination purpos

(an excerpt from "Tomorrow’s Children – A Cherokee Elder’s Guide to Parenting) Notice how trees on a mountaintop move slightly as the wind ripples through their branches, and how the sun makes the shadows of trees dance on the earth