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Blissful Herbs – nurturing body & soul

Herbal bath sachets and teas Herbs are an excellent ally to natural health and a wonderful companion for all the seasons of a womans life. For every condition or challenge life presents, Nature provides a herbal remedy to help. Blissful Herbs bath sa

Wisdom of the Yoni

In ‘The Art of Mindful Birthing' workshops I facilitate, much of the emphasis is on connecting with our hearts and connecting with our bodies. Some time is spent doing creative exercises that focus in on our ‘yonis'; where our babi

Empowering Your Pelvic Floor – Part 2

Part 2: Annie's Story In Part 1 the functions of the pelvic floor were discussed, along with ‘self-image' and cultural birthing choices. The Feldenkrais Method was outlined as an approach to somatic learning that addresses the pelvic flo

Empowering Your Pelvic Floor

Part 1: Birth and Beyond If you're like most women you probably didn't give your pelvic floor a second thought until you were pregnant. Even then, if you neither leaked nor did specific pelvic floor work to prepare for birth you may have remai

Menstruation – A Symptom Of Health?

Mothers and daughters need not suffer with period pain and (dare I say it?) emotional outbursts and pre-menstrual symptoms. That “time of the month” can be a celebration, a cleansing of the body - not something to dread. Menstruation is an ind

Luna Bloom – Honouring The Wisdom Of The Moon

We live in an increasingly solar focused world...goal driven, egocentric, hierarchical...a frenetic pace which is dramatically at odds with the space we enter when becoming parents. With urban life and artificial light and heating, we have become separate

Luna Bloom: Summer – The Natal Lunar Phase

The waxing and waning of the moon affects the energy generally available to us. Luna also affects us in a very personal way, depending upon her phase at our time of birth. This is known as the natal lunar phase. By developing an awareness of your natal lu

Green Menstruation – Reusable Sanitary Products

From my very first period, I have always been a tampon girl. I never liked wearing a bulky pad. I never liked having to dispose of them discreetly in the rubbish. My distain for sanitary napkins was so pronounced I regularly risked toxic shock syndrome by