I try embracing all my wobbly bits as a rule but there comes a time post birth when I think that the mum-tum and bum have to go. When I get an idea I have to do it yesterday. In about three point six minutes I have jumped on the phone, found a local gym w

Birth can be a tremendous opportunity to? take a really good look at the stuff you are made of and to go on wondrous journeys? based on your findings. I have been blessed with experiencing two very? different births. The birth of my daughter, Trinity was

Renee Toth lives in Ohio, USA. She has been a valued contributor to the Natural Parenting Magazine Online Forum ;since its earliest days.Renee is married to John and together they conceived their daughter Myla Ann born in July 2002 after much trial with t

Friday, November 12, 2004 I need to go to bed to rest, pump, etc, …. But to make a VERY long story short: John Camden (Johnny) has Down syndrome. We do not know much more about that condition than the name and well be learning a LOT about it in the near

Sunday, November 14, 2004 Today was a HAPPY DAY!John and I both got to hold Johnny for about 15 min each. And Myla got to hold his hand too.He is still recovering from his surgery (Duodenal Atresia & Malrotation) and there is so much going on.I wont g

Monday, November 15, 2004 AND WE HAVE POOPY PANTS!!! Johnny Camden pooped TWICE since I posted my prayer request for his intestine surgery. This means that the surgery worked and he can now pass motions. I can really tell when people start praying and sen

Im a mother of four – my oldest is away at college and my youngest just finished first grade. Im also a parent educator and author. I have looked back over the past nineteen years and contemplated the things Ive learned about raising children. I would lik