Are you stressing your kids?

In the relatively short time I have been parenting my two children, I have learned something very important: What I do and who I am reflects back at me through my child's behaviour and actions. This is the single most important thing that I have lea

My Baby Wakes Up Too Often

My baby is 9-months-old and she wakes to breastfeed every hour or so. She wakes up and cries, tosses, or just latches on. Our baby sleeps with us in our family bed. She has one nap during the day. I put her to sleep around 8pm and by 9pm she wakes up cryi

The Conscious Parent – A Real Person Like Myself

One morning, my daughter shook me from sleep with great excitement. "The fairy has left you an amazing present," she whispered. "See what the tooth fairy left you!"I reached under the pillow and found a one dollar note, torn down the middle in exactly hal

Tips for Parenting After Separation

Children tend to "act up", or "misbehave" when they are feeling insecure, and few things in a childs life cause as much insecurity as the separation of his or her parents. It is critically important for parents to recognize that any behavioural issues at

Six Week Check-Up with Toddler in tow

The Doctors office with Erin is usually good for a laugh or at least an embarrassing episode and today was no exception. She played well with one of the fifty year old wooden toys where you slide the multi-coloured shapes up and down various twisted wires

Davids Gift – Living with Aspergers Syndrome

Sometimes life hands you a challenge, that at the outset seems insurmountable, but later you realise was in fact a gift that changed your life. From the time our son David was about two years old we knew he was different from other children. He had an ext

Dylan: A Love Story

My sons conception took me by surprise, as did his birth. He did not take in life-giving air for 14 minutes. He lay on the floor in front of me: not breathing, not alive as he had been inside me, not moving. I felt calm and dispassionate. I knew that some

Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes

In this day and age, families come in all shapes and sizes, and are created in various ways. Scientific and technological advancements in the field of fertility, as well as the growing number of adoption agencies worldwide have altered the idea of a &lsqu

How Green Is Your Babys Nappy?

Yes! When using disposable nappies you have choices that will reduce the carbon footprint of your family. A ‘hybrid stash will ease your eco-conscience - easily! In a moment well look at 3 ways of using disposable nappies in a more eco-friendly way.