Category: Sleep – Babies and Parents

Given the intrinsic nature of sleep to our overall wellbeing it is vital that we spend time understanding and planning to meet the sleep and night time needs of all family members. Each family should be encouraged to find their own unique way of meeting both parents and children’s sleep needs. This is an evolving process and will change over the years in line with changing family needs. One of the first questions new parents are often asked of their baby is, “how does he sleep?” Society often uses a baby’s sleep patterns to judge them as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ baby. Infants are often expected to be sleeping independently for long periods at a very early age. The reality is however that babies and children need our closeness during the night as much as during their waking hours. Co-sleeping can form an integral part of building bonds with our children. Co-sleeping is not necessarily about sharing a common bed but rather being within sensory proximity with our baby. This allows us to respond quickly and easily to our baby’s needs throughout the night. In our sleep section you will find articles such as tips for safe sleeping, benefits of co-sleeping and the use of dummies as a comforter.