Sleep – Babies and Parents

My Baby Wakes Up Too Often

My baby is 9-months-old and she wakes to breastfeed every hour or so. She wakes up and cries, tosses, or just latches on. Our baby sleeps with us in our family bed. She has one nap during the day. I put her to sleep around 8pm and by 9pm she wakes up cryi

Safer Co-Sleeping

Your baby has been crying for hours in the ; middle of the night. Nothing will calm ; her. Finally, she settles in your arms but ; awakens and screams the minute you set her in her crib. Out of exhaustion, you take her into bed with ; you and both you and

Night Creature – Sharing Mums Bed

It?s the wee hours of the morning. The nightly noises reverberate through the house, the rhythmic breathing of its inhabitants, the ticking of the clock, the slow dripping of the bathroom tap. Somewhere inside this dark sanctuary something begins to stir.

Independence Learnt?

A common point of discussion in parenting groups all over the country is sleep. From day one baby?s ability to sleep well is often a measure used by many to indicate a parent?s competency and how ?good? or ?difficult? the baby is. Parents may feel distres

Why Use a Dummy?

The question of dummies often focuses on dental health, safety, or the difficulty of weaning, yet, the more important question is rarely addressed: Is the dummy beneficial? We believe that providing a dummy is responding to the baby's need to suck a

Ten Tips for Safe Baby Sleeping

Whether your baby sleeps in a cot; in a bassinet, crib or ‘side car'; or ‘co-sleeps' next to you in bed, there are some general principles that will make your baby's sleep as safe as possible. These principles apply to all ba

Sleeping With Our Baby: A Fathers Experience

In recent years, sleeping with a baby has become a controversial issue, particularly in the United States. This happened largely as a result of the publication by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of two reports - the first in 1999 and the