Just found out you are pregnant? Most women and / or couples are filled with a rush of emotions which may include joy, trepidation, exuberance, fear…. but in almost all cases the first things that come to mind are “When did i conceive, and when am i due”. Whilst the exact moment of conception is…

“I cant believe Im standing in my daughters kitchen preparing food for our celebration. This ceremony has healed all of us and brought us together again.” These words were spoken to me when I went to say goodbye to the grandmother of a toddler Id just nam

And so it begins… Baby Diaries email #1- Week 12 – Telling everyone… Hi all, Well its been a while since I put out a group email: the last, probably years ago in fact, on my travels. Well, I am embarking on another adventure – the scariest one yet – a

Six years ago I found myself shattered and angry after loosing a baby at 11 weeks pregnant.  This was a very difficult time in my life and I was ill-equipped to navigate the emotional landscape that surrounded me.   I struggled to find my w

In a culture where birth and death are seldom spoken of openly, the loss of an unborn baby can be a lonely experience. If the loss occurred early in the pregnancy, before anyone knew you were pregnant, it can seem an invisible sorrow. Yet miscarriage is c

When a baby is miscarried, stillborn or dies shortly after birth, parents are in a state of shock that such an event has happened. The natural order of life has been broken, and the last thing you ever imagine is to be planning a memorial or funeral for y

You can by no means call me a hippie. I love my SUV and get heart palpitations if my mobile phone battery goes dead. I do try. I try to eat well, I try to recycle, I ride my bike, as long as there arent too many hills, and I did, despite my yuppie demeano

What is a Doula? The word “Doula” (pronounced “doola”) is a Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver”. More recently, it refers to someone who offers physical comfort, emotional, spiritual and informational support to a woman and her partner before,

Fertility has traditionally been viewed as a womans issue but now men are leading women as the primary cause of a couples infertility. Improving sperm quality could be as simple as making some basic lifestyle changes. Young adult males who fought during t

There are clearly different forms and degrees of contact with unborn children. Experiences can differ considerably from one another in terms of atmosphere, depth and effect. Short daily chats can be very valuable moments. More extensive contact comes most

An excerpt taken from ?Numerology for your Family A favourite preoccupation of parents-to-be is the discussion of possible names for the baby. Some parents already know, during the pregnancy, whether the little one will be a boy or a girl, while for other

The Support teams identity has been protected in this story and will be known as D and M. Im a little unsure of where to begin the birth stories of my two beautiful children, Xanthe and Grace. The first ended in a c-section after 26hrs – a challenging exp

I worked hard to bond with my baby and heal the separation. I got my baby back from the nursery, and never let her go. Unfortunately I suffered horrific postnatal depression, partially because of who I am and partially because of the experience. I was det

Once I was in the pool I didnt leave, nor did I open my eyes until Grace was born in the water, I wanted to be totally in my body, without distractions. I asked Russell to kiss me, which only happened once as it brought on a stronger expansion, and they f

Russell had tears; Xanthe looked a little surprise, full of wonder and asked if I was ok. I looked her firmly in the eye with a big smile and said, “Im ok, sweet heart. Heres your baby sister”. Xanthe said, “Shes so cute”. I hopped out of the birth pool t

The masses have been a little slow to catch on to the movement of the 21st Century. But those of us whove had a glimpse, want to see a whole lot more! The movement away from polluting our planet in the name of development. The movement away from tradition

The early days of my most recent pregnancy, brought me once again face to face with fear. Fear of losing my baby, fear of something going wrong, fear that my baby may be born with health issues. Fear, fear and more fear. It consumed me, eating tediously a

When a baby is born, doctors often tie or clamp the umbilical cord almost immediately. This ensures that most, if not all, of the cord blood never makes it to the baby. This is the blood that is banked. If the cord blood is not banked, it is thrown away!

Like many hidden aspects of who we are, fear is a legitimate and real feeling. It is one of many feelings we are able to experience and has an important purpose. To allow it, and truly stand in the heat of it, requires courage. Only when we can do that ca

There has been much media attention recently focused on birth and the questions around it.?Where pregnant women in Australia have the option to choose to give birth, levels of intervention, the impacts of these interventions and the quality of care we can