Choosing a Joyful Birth

There has been much media attention recently focused on birth and the questions around it.?Where pregnant women in Australia have the option to choose to give birth, levels of intervention, the impacts of these interventions and the quality of care we can

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Set a clear intention; consider having a birth affirmation or resolve. ?Write this as a clear sentence and place it in various places around your home.?Repeat it to yourself everyday before birthing, reminding yourself that your attitudes to a certain deg

Myths and Misconceptions About Caesareans – P.3

In Australia, most women who walk into an obstetricians office wanting to VBAC walk out 15 minutes later with the bloody image of a torn up uterus imprinted in their minds. Chilling tales of hysterectomies and dead babies are often told and women, quite r

Myths and Misconceptions About Caesareans – Page 2

The simple truth is, during a caesarean the woman has no control over what is being doneto her. She is incapacitated and sometimes unable to move at all depending onthe strength of the epidural. In rare cases the epidural may not workeffectively to block

Myths and Misconceptions About Caesareans

In Australia? today, approximately one in three women give birth by caesarean section.Caesarean surgery, like any major surgery,? carries risks for both mother and baby and also any future babies the mother? has. Despite this, many people view caesareans

Should I Write a Birth Plan?

Why should I write up a Birth Plan, you may ask. Why should you? Why shouldn't you write up a Birth Plan. Even if you don't use it, writing up your Birth Plan helps you to plan your birth, helps to set it out in your mind. You can write severa

Stories of Birth – A Journey to Womens Wisdom

Stories of Birth – A Journey to Women's Wisdom By Georgina Kelly A friend told me, that when she was pregnant, almost all the women she came into contact with told her birth stories – their own or someone else's. Most of these were

Siblings at Birth

Siblings at Birth By Su Foster In the not too distant past, birth was a family affair, taking place in the home. Also, families were often larger, meaning that births were a regular occurrence in the lives of many children. In “civilised” time

The Caesarean Epidemic

The Caesarean Epidemic By Bruce Teakle Caesarean section as a “lifestyle choice” has had a lot of attention lately, but are women really to blame for sky-rocketing caesarean rates? Late last year morning viewers of Channel 9 were treated to a