Birth Choices

Choosing a Joyful Birth

There has been much media attention recently focused on birth and the questions around it.?Where pregnant women in Australia have the option to choose to give birth, levels of intervention, the impacts of these interventions and the quality of care we can

Myths and Misconceptions About Caesareans – P.3

In Australia, most women who walk into an obstetricians office wanting to VBAC walk out 15 minutes later with the bloody image of a torn up uterus imprinted in their minds. Chilling tales of hysterectomies and dead babies are often told and women, quite r

Trusting Birth

When I was pregnant for the first time "Trust" became a mantra for me.... Trust my body, trust my baby, and trust birth - all juicy sentiments for home birthing. Leaving my candles, birthing pool, Neil Young CDs and trust behind I arrived at the hospital

Oxytocin – The Wonder Drug

If there was a drug that you could take before your labour starts that would make you fall in love with your partner all over again (despite the fact that you are probably going to shout unspeakable things at him during labour); help you breastfeed; make

Waterbirth Feels Natural, But Is It Right?

Waterbirth Feels Natural, But Is It Right? By Phillip Thomson Eighty per cent of the world's surface is water, over half of the human body is water and ninety-seven per cent of a three-day-old fetus is water. Isn't it only natural for a birth