Practical Preparation for a Homebirth

If you are fortunate enough to be birthing your baby at home, here are some ideas to help things run smoothly. Your midwife should supply you with suggestions of how to prepare and a list of things to provide for the homebirth as these will vary. These ar

Natural Parenting in a Hospital Setting

Natural Parenting in a Hospital Setting With a lifelong interest in natural therapies, and having two wonderful homebirths, including a planned breech, it was a bit of a shock to have to cope with the medical world with the birth of her third child. Racha

A Mothers HypnoBirthing Experience

A Mother's HypnoBirthing Experience From the first mild contractions that woke me around 12.40am on Sunday night, my labour progressed so smoothly and calmly. I used the HypnoBirthing tapes and techniques – relaxing and breathing into the surg

The Birth Centre – A Personal Experience

I have found that in my three years of being a parent (plus the extra 40 weeks of pregnancy!) that there are a never ending amount of choices to make. Some days it is the ‘easy' ones such as ‘which breakfast cereal will I buy for my todd

From One Caesarean to Another – Caesarean Section

From One Caesarean to Another By Caroline McCullough A woman in labour is rushed to the hospital. She can feel the contractions but something is not quite right. The obstetrician greets her in the labour suite. “Let's have a listen and see wha

Healing Birth, Healing the Earth

Healing Birth, Healing the Earth By Sarah J. Buckley Birth, She is dying. This primal and unspeakably powerful initiation, the only road to motherhood for our ancestors, has been stripped of Her dignity and purpose in our times. Birth has become a dangero

HypnoBirthing – A Celebration of Life

HypnoBirthing – A Celebration of Life By Leanne Jackson HypnoBirthing is as much as a philosophy as it is a technique. It is a rewarding, relaxing, stress free method of birthing that is based on the belief that when a mother is properly prepared fo

In a Simple Way. A Child is Born

In a Simple Way…. A Child is Born By Vicki Chan Women are good at giving birth. I have to say that again… WOMEN ARE GOOD AT GIVING BIRTH! Hang on while I go outside where I can see Mount Beerwah, mother of the Glasshouse Mountains (she&rsquo

In Their Own Sweet Time – Post Date Pregnancies

In Their Own Sweet Time Caroline McCullough explores the emotional minefield of post date pregnancies in a world where nearly every baby is born ‘on time'. My first baby, Liam, was born at 39 weeks gestation by emergency caesarean section - a

Involving Fathers in Birth

A woman in labour deserves and needs to be loved. They need to be physically and emotionally supported through the incredible journey of birth. Until the 1970's men deposited their labouring woman at the hospital doors, into the capable but often em