Naming Ceremonies as Healing Rituals

"I cant believe Im standing in my daughters kitchen preparing food for our celebration. This ceremony has healed all of us and brought us together again." These words were spoken to me when I went to say goodbye to the grandmother of a toddler Id just nam

Naming Your Baby

An excerpt taken from ?Numerology for your Family A favourite preoccupation of parents-to-be is the discussion of possible names for the baby. Some parents already know, during the pregnancy, whether the little one will be a boy or a girl, while for other


THE SACRED ART OF BELLY MASKING By Debi Slinger Today on the internet, you can find over 25 belly mask kit suppliers and belly maskers in Australia. In the United States I?ve found over 150 different sites. Yet three years ago, it was hardly heard of here

Belly – A Birthing Journal

Belly A Birthing Journal By Sarah Nicholson After a long period of gestation….Belly has finally been born…..and it is beautiful! Belly began as an idea in Editor, Sarah Nicholson's mind as she lumbered pregnantly from bookstore to book

A Way of Blessing – The feminine rite of passage

A Way of Blessing By Georgina Kelly The blessingway ceremony has its roots in the traditions of the Navajo Hoshooji in North America (Kitzinger 2002). Their celebration was of the feminine rite of passage - inducting women into new and venerated phases of