Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy By Miriam Young The importance of pre-conception care can never be under-estimated. Clients often ask me how long I spent preparing before becoming pregnant. Four years in total, although I had been using natural medicine many year

Overcoming Secondary Infertility

Overcoming Secondary Infertility By Judy Day, BSc MSc DipClinNutr MCMA Fertility Counsellor To couples that have recently had a healthy bouncing baby, the experience of secondary infertility is frustrating and dismaying. It can arouse just as much grief a

Funeral and Birth

Funeral and Birth By Mary Pagendam-Turner A few weeks ago, I began longing for the Goddess Menses to return to me. Menses – the red Goddess of the moon and the earth. I longed to feel her cycle in my body again and tune into its beautiful feminine r

Fertility: Friend or Foe?

Fertility: Friend or Foe? By Julia Wilson Childbirth Educator From the time a woman becomes fertile, contraception is an issue. It begins soon after puberty with girls eager to experience adulthood as soon as possible. Young women eagerly wait until they