Should I Write a Birth Plan?

Why should I write up a Birth Plan, you may ask. Why should you? Why shouldn't you write up a Birth Plan. Even if you don't use it, writing up your Birth Plan helps you to plan your birth, helps to set it out in your mind. You can write severa

Not Quite as I Planned It!

“It's Life Jim, but not as we know it!” This famous line from Star Trek immediately comes to mind whenever Kenina Court stops to think about being a mother. When her journey into motherhood began, life as she knew it was as a successful

Finally Pregnant!

I remember standing in front of the mirror and putting a cushion up my jumper. I just wanted to see what I would look like when I was pregnant. It was breathtaking – just as I had imagined. We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost 18 months

Wise Ways to Nourish the Soon-To-Be Parents – Page 2

In his pioneering studies of isolated primitive peoples, Dr. Weston Price discovered that the diets of healthy population groups contained much higher levels of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D than the American population of his day. In fact, foods rich

Wise Ways to Nourish the Soon-To-Be Parents

There is no doubt that the foods we ingest have a significant effect on both our ability to conceive and the health of our children. The commonly known adjustments are to reduce or eliminate coffee, alcohol, drugs, and synthetic additives, white sugar and

Trusting Birth

When I was pregnant for the first time "Trust" became a mantra for me.... Trust my body, trust my baby, and trust birth - all juicy sentiments for home birthing. Leaving my candles, birthing pool, Neil Young CDs and trust behind I arrived at the hospital

Oxytocin – The Wonder Drug

If there was a drug that you could take before your labour starts that would make you fall in love with your partner all over again (despite the fact that you are probably going to shout unspeakable things at him during labour); help you breastfeed; make