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Fear in Pregnancy – Page 2

Like many hidden aspects of who we are, fear is a legitimate and real feeling. It is one of many feelings we are able to experience and has an important purpose. To allow it, and truly stand in the heat of it, requires courage. Only when we can do that ca

Fear in Pregnancy

The early days of my most recent pregnancy, brought me once again face to face with fear. Fear of losing my baby, fear of something going wrong, fear that my baby may be born with health issues. Fear, fear and more fear. It consumed me, eating tediously a

The Gift of Massage in Pregnancy

The Gift of Massage in Pregnancy By Craig Sallaway Energising, soothing, nurturing and healing, the art of massage is all of these things and more. Along with other natural therapies, many people are adopting massage as a way to balance body and mind. Jus

Should We Have Another Baby?

Should We Have Another Baby? By Elizabeth Pantley, author of Gentle Baby Care and The No-Cry Sleep Solution Deciding whether to expand your family by one more whether this would be your second child or your sixth is one of the most significant decisions y

Pelvic Floor Consciousness – Where to Begin

Pelvic Floor Consciousness – Where to Begin By Alyssa Tait For many of us, pregnancy is a very special time. We are tuning in to the changes going on in our body, and starting to form a relationship with the little person growing inside. Pregnancy &


OSTEOPATHY AND PREGNANCY By Simone Keddy Osteopathy is a complementary health profession that deals with the physical structure of the body. It looks at the relationship between the structure of the body and the way in which it works. It uses hands on tec

Living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

“I suggest if you want to have children you do something about it before you turn 30, and you will probably need fertility treatment.” I was 23 years old when my gynaecologist said this to me and eight years later the words still send a shiver

Herbs in Pregnancy

Herbs in Pregnancy By Lianne Schwartz Throughout time, women around the world have used growing plants as nourishment to ensure optimum health during pregnancy, to prepare for labour and birth and to treat any problems that may arise during this time. Wom