Pregnancy Loss

The Transformation of Pain

Six years ago I found myself shattered and angry after loosing a baby at 11 weeks pregnant.  This was a very difficult time in my life and I was ill-equipped to navigate the emotional landscape that surrounded me.   I struggled to find my w

Difficult Decisions – Memorials for Babies

When a baby is miscarried, stillborn or dies shortly after birth, parents are in a state of shock that such an event has happened. The natural order of life has been broken, and the last thing you ever imagine is to be planning a memorial or funeral for y

Recovery and Healing After Pregnancy Loss

In a culture where birth and death are seldom spoken of openly, the loss of an unborn baby can be a lonely experience. If the loss occurred early in the pregnancy, before anyone knew you were pregnant, it can seem an invisible sorrow. Yet miscarriage is c

Not Compatible With Life – Giving Birth – Page 2

Then suddenly I feel it, that uncontrollable urge to push Ive heard so much about, and Marg is telling me to reach down and feel for my baby. Hes just inside me, the hardness of his little skull now only a finger length away. I shift to a squatting positi

Not Compatible With Life – Giving Birth

Saturday, July 7 The first contraction is strong enough to wake? me. Eyes still shut, I roll onto my side??maybe I dreamed it. But when I feel? the second one, a wave of recognition sweeps over me. Not yet, little man, I? whisper, its not quite time. I fl

The Longest Year – A Journey of Miscarriage

The Longest Year – A Journey of Miscarriage By Kris Campbell 1998 I turned 30. I was married a year and writing my post graduate thesis. We were hoping for children. That April our hope was made true. I immediately undressed and demanded a photograp

Our awakening: Phoebes Story – Part Three

Our awakening: Phoebes Story A journal by Megan Sheppard Part three 30/05/2006 For everyone who has been following our journey - just to let you know that Phoebe died sometime on the 25th of May. So she made it all the way to 27 weeks, little trooper! I c