Why not have a celebration to introduce the arrival of a new baby, welcome an adoptive child or to embrace stepchildren into a new family? Why not introduce your child to your community of family and friends? It is a time in which the child is officially given his name, being introduced to the community and welcomed into the world.
There are countless different ways of naming a baby, and there is no right or wrong method to giving your child the perfect name.
Every community in the world has its own way of marking the birth of a baby.

Church goers might like the idea of marking their babys arrival with a ceremony at church, whether it is baptism or Anglican service of thanksgiving and welcome for the new babys arrival.

But there are other options in addition to the traditional christening ceremony, which doesnt suit a lot of families any more, because many arent churchgoers and therefore feel a service of initiation into the Christian faith is inappropriate.

So if you dont feel comfortable with a church setting or rather give the child the option to choose his way and faith later on in life, there is an alternative way to happily welcome a new life ; a Civil Naming Ceremony. Its a formal non-religious lovely way of marking the birth of a baby which can be tailored to suit the family concerned.

The venue can be anywhere – in your own home, out of doors, in a park, on a boat, beach or any hall. It includes poetry, music readings, any rituals, appointment of guardians, parents pledge and commitment to the child, talking about grandparents and their role in raising the child, blessings and more.
The timing of your celebration can be any time in the first few months after a babys birth. Or you can wait until your baby is six or nine months, or even a year old before you lay on a celebration. Many couples find theyve got too much on their plate to hold a party too. Youll probably find you enjoy it a lot more if the stressful early months are behind you.

The Guardians – parents may wish to appoint godparents/guardians/mentors or call the whole community of family and friends to take part in caring, supporting and mentoring for this child.

These people are other supportive adults a parent can turn to for advice and help. Many parents hope their childs godparents will share, with them, a special interest in his or her upbringing and development – and many hope that, as the years roll by, their child will develop a special relationship with his godparents.
Others link the role of godparent with that of legal guardian and ask them to take on the responsibility of bringing up the child if he or she was ever to be left orphaned.

The parents – in this ceremony, dedicate themselves , bind themselves and pledge to their new baby. It is their opportunity to tell the child that they will protect them, love them, honor them, and raise them to the best of their abilities.

The grandparents – The relationship of trust and mutual enjoyment between grandparents and their grandchildren is a great bonus and a special blessing, so we thank them for their active involvement in the childs life, and their important role in passing on family culture, values and inheritance which will add great meaning to his life and provide the foundation blocks the child will use in finding his identity.

Siblings – we talk about brothers or sisters being protective, caring and enthusiastic. How proud they are of the new baby and have embraced new found responsibilities with a lot of love. They are learning many valuable life lessons in interacting, sharing, teaching and caring for a young new sibling.

Readings, versus – as well as different blessings are a beautiful addition to this ceremony. Anything you choose, or anything that really reflects you, your feelings and aspiration for this can be incorporated into the ceremony.

A Naming Ceremony can be an event all to itself, and is only limited by your imagination!