by Shad Weathersby

When it comes to childrens music, we are a hard family to please. There are no Fruit Salads or Hot Potatoes in our collection and most of our music we listen to as a family. So by our definition Beatles tunes, classical music, old show tunes and world music more than adequately fills the space that real childrens music might otherwise have occupied. So it was with some cynicism that we played Chomp Chomp, Shad Weathersbys album for children. New Orleans singer-songwriter, Shad Weathersbys brand of guitar music uses familiar folk and blues licks punctuated by occasional reed and simple percussion. Unpretentious, understated and witty, it can stand up to much repetition, even in the car and appeal to children from kinder to grade school. Songs vary between silly and serious, from lyrics about flying elephants and disobedient roaches to educating about the calendar and the historic journeys of Christopher Columbus. There is an obvious deep respect for children that is apparent in songs like Together about needing a trusted friend, and In My Room, where a childs room can be their sanctuary. Children share vocal limelight with Shad in every song, giving them a sense of ownership of the music.