The Fatherhood Festival leaps a year but the Fatherhood Project is working around the clock. The Fatherhood Project is the tiny charity that has hosted the Fatherhood Festival for the past five years. The Fatherhood Festival in Bangalow NSW has been emulated by five more cities and towns nationwide, including Perth, Bendigo, Taree, Forbes and Karratha. Project manager Colin George says, The Fatherhood Project has an aim for every father to be actively and lovingly engaged in their childrens lives. We believe that fathers have been seen as a big part in family life.? Healthy families and communities are those where mother, fathers and children are all valued. The First festival was established in 2004 and featured Andrew Denton to an audience of 70. Last years festival saw 7000 people in the park at Bangalow and 70 stallholders, with musicians including Tex Perkins, Damien Leith and Jeff Lang. Colin says, this year we had to make a call as to how to use our limited donations. We decided that rather spend 6 months organising one great weekend, we would work with parents throughout the year. This year we have worked with Long Distance Dads in the mines of WA to expectant dads in Bagalow as well as Indigenous dads in Lismore. Fathers are recognising that being there for their children from the very beginning sets a child up for an emotionally rich and more secure life in a time of when people are feeling more isolated than ever.Strong healthy families are an anti dote to a globalised time poor world. To donate to The Fatherhood Project email Colin at ?