Just found out you are pregnant?  Most women and / or couples are filled with a rush of emotions which may include joy, trepidation, exuberance, fear.... but in almost all cases the first things that come to mind are "When did i conceive, and when am i due".  Whilst the exact moment of conception is often difficult to pinpoint(for some) your doctor will make an estimate based on when you had your last period.  In fact, he will use a calculator much like the one on this page.

An ultrasound will also give an indication of your due date, in fact, a skilled ultrasound technician will likely claim they are more accurate in predicting due dates than any doctor or calculator.  Be that as it may... if you are newly pregnant and want an estimate as to when you are due?  The below calculator will do a good job of putting you in the right ballpark.

[calc id=598]