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23-01-2011, 05:39 PM #1
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music and kids' behaviour
Do you find that music helps with your kids when they are being difficult?

I've recently rediscovered that kids actually seem to play better when I have soothing calming classical music or choral music, than when I don't have anything on. And they squabble more when I have triple J on the radio (might have to find where ABC classic fm is on the dial). And late in the afternoon if everyone is being a bit irritable, some old fashioned disco seems to cheer them right up, tho more modern dance music just seems to make them crankier. And in the car, they are happier with the radio fairly quiet, but if they are fighting and wingeing and being disgusting, if I turn it up pretty loud they settle down as they can't get a rise out of me.

Anyone else got some good music tricks?

23-01-2011, 08:39 PM #2

music and kids' behaviour
I discovered this song one morning when rage was on and little miss was screaming up a storm. I had done all I could think of but nothing was going to stop so she was just riding it out in my arms.
Then this song came on rage and she just totally stopped and mellowed out. She didnt look at the telly but just chilled in my arms.
I thought "I gotta get me this song" so I down loaded it to my phone about 30 seconds later. When she started getting worked up, like in the car, at 3 am etc I would just play it on my phone and it had that magical effect every time! Strange coz it was quite boppy poppy but she relaxed to it. I dont need it much any more so now she just loves the song (and most music) to wiggle her nappy clad bum to.
The other 'magic song' is the alphabet. I sing this to her to help her go to sleep but the best time to use it is when I change her nappy. A friend once told me they used to count to 10 when changing the nappy and her child knew by 10 they would be free so stopped squirming. I found that it just wasnt quite long enough for me to get the job done no matter how slow I counted so I do the alphabet now and she knows once it is done I say 'Ok youre free to go' and she is off. Solves the wiggle problem (most of the time).
As for different styles of music having an effect I havent really noticed as our radio is always on JJJ. Although now I think I have a toy that plays Motzart and totally chills her out. Will do some observing with that one. I do know many experiments with plants that show diverse effects of music types on plants so why not kids too? I could sure see how that works.
Good one Suzee
Look forward to others replies

06-12-2018, 01:03 PM #3
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RE: music and kids' behaviour
I do believe so. Young generation is listening to rap or rock music https://musiety.com/groups/rock/ and is getting impacted by musical bands. You should always control what your child is listening to Smile

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