I imagine Im not the only mother and feminist in the world who can say that the writings of Dr Sarah J Buckley have changed her life. If fiction writer Stephen King hadnt cursed the expression I might even dare to call myself her #1 fan. Since I first read “Reclaiming Every Womans Birth Right” after my first child was born, she has become such a model for my own life, work and writing that I might imagine she has compiled her vast collection of writings into this single volume just for me. I also imagine Im not the only mother and feminist in the world who will share these sentiments about Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – The wisdom and science of gentle choices in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Sarahs best known articles such as Ecstatic Birth, Healing Birth – Healing the Earth, Lotus Birth and Mothering, Mindfulness, and a Babys Bottom are combined with more recently published articles and purpose-written chapters that broaden the scope of the book to explore the science and sociology behind prenatal tests, birth choices, attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, gentle discipline, and more. Thoroughly researched with the authority of a medical practitioner yet expressed with the poetry of a mother, Dr Sarah J Buckleys bookmelds science and spirituality to challenge the social mandates of modern paternalistic pregnancy, birth and parenting practices. For some readers it may be a first foray into new territory with concepts such as lotus birth, unassisted childbirth and nappyless babies yet even though these choices are not mainstream (from a Western perspective) every mother can benefit from reading Sarahs inspiring reflections on her experiences. Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering lends credibility to the gentle wisdom of mothers past, present and future and provides a resource not just for mothers and feminists but also for child and maternal health professionals who might care to provide more open, informed and up-to-date guidance to families in their care. Reviewed by Jodie Miller