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Catherine is a qualified and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher with over 12 years clinical experience. “I am passionate about the safe alternatives acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer. The push to make Chinese medicine a research based medicine means we can safely follow proven protocols of treatment. Where ever possible I hope to share this research with you here. My approach as a healer is to help you understand how to nourish your body and spirit whilst you strive for inner harmony. I offer my clients support with no judgement. We share a proactive relationship which is employed to empower you along your path. This requires you live in accordance to nature, seasonal eating and listening to your body’s needs. We cover, wholesome foods, yoga, meditation, breathwork, detox, massage, herbs and supplements, ear candling, acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, exercise, and life style changes including ritual. These are just some of the tools I will utilize to not only to help and support you along your path to wellness, but most importantly, I will also endeavor to teach you as much as I can so that you can be proactive as well as empowered within the experience.” Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage, and Yoga are effective with the following conditions: Fertility and IVF Support Threatened miscarriage Nausea and Morning Sickness Heartburn Constipation Varicose veins, Haemrrhoids, and vulval varicosities UTI infections Musculoskletal Conditions Fatigue and Exhaustion Anaemia Insomnia Anxiety and Depression Sinusitis Pregnancy induced hypertension Oedema Small for date babies Breech and Posterior Positions (please refer to the video) Acupuncture as a routine prebirth treatment Induction Acupressure in Labour Labour and delivery Postnatal Treatment Qualifications Include: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) 2004 Rem Massage IV (Tui Na) 2003 Pregnancy Massage 2010 Diploma of Yoga Teaching 2013 Ear Candling Certificate 2013 Registered with AHPRA Member of AACMA and ATMS Health Rebates are Available. You can find Catherine at Botanica Medicines 228 Glenferrie Road Malvern VIC 3144

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